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The Libratone Zipp is an AirPlay speaker with a unique twist: Unlike other AirPlay setups, which depend on your existing network to stream music, the Zipp's PlayDirect system creates its own WiFi hotspot, allowing you to stream content from compatible music sources directly to the speaker. As MacWorld puts it, "this means that unlike other 'portable' AirPlay systems we’ve covered, the Zipp really can be taken beyond the reaches of any existing wireless network and still stream music to it." Sure, you can do the same thing with Bluetooth, but as Sound and Vision points out, "AirPlay is lossless, so technically you get better fidelity than Bluetooth can offer. Downside? PlayDirect doesn’t work with Android or Windows phones." If you're an iOS user, though, the Zipp is among the best-sounding portable speakers available, according to Sound and Vision: "The Zipp’s sound was so addictive I wanted it loud all the time, even when I was playing mellow stuff like James Taylor."

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ZDNet Oct 23, 2012

The Libratone Zipp gives you AirPlay with the added connectivity option of PlayDirect so you don't need a router in the middle to use it with your iOS device. Pairing is easy, music sounds wonderful, and the speaker looks great in its wool blanket.

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Macworld Oct 26, 2012

With its clever AirPlay and PlayDirect implementations, its simple setup process, and its attractive design, the Zipp is an easy speaker to recommend. If you want a portable AirPlay speaker, it’s an excellent option—as long as the price isn't too steep for your needs.

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Gizmodo Oct 12, 2012

Whatever major issues Libratone had last time around seem to have been worked out, and now the manufacturer is gunning for a wider audience. AirPlay speakers are likely a product Apple is going to push over speaker docks in the future, which makes this thing somewhat future-proof.

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Sound+Vision Oct 10, 2012

Combine the great sound with the handy, cute form factor and the convenience of streaming from iOS devices without WiFi, and you’ve got by far my favorite AirPlay product to date.

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CNET Nov 12, 2012

The Libratone Zipp is one of the best-sounding and best-looking portable wireless speakers out there, but its high price and Wi-Fi limitations give us pause.

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PC Mag Nov 30, 2012

The wireless Libratone Zipp is portable, ultra-stylish, and a solid audio performer at moderate volumes, but its signal processing will be a turn-off for some.

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Wired Mar 20, 2013

It’s clear from my testing that it’s a very nice-sounding speaker, but that several concessions went into the design that make it slightly less capable than its competitors.

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SlashGear Oct 21, 2012

At $399 it’s a hundred bucks more than a BIG JAMBOX, but to our ears the audio performance is well worth the extra cash. Broad compatibility with Apple devices and appealing design make the Zipp a solid pairing to your iPhone or iPad.

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Pocket-Lint Dec 28, 2012

It looks great, it’s easy to use and the wireless functions and efficient battery life make it an incredibly practical portable music tool.

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Gear Diary Oct 23, 2012

For a household that, like mine, is “all in” with Apple products, the only negative I can think of with regard to the Libratone Zipp is its price. At $450 for the speaker and $50 for each additional cover, this is not for the “light of wallet”.

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iLounge Oct 23, 2012

Unfortunately, the speakers inside Zipp deliver such collectively mediocre results that they don’t belong in an audio system with this sort of price tag, and we would have struggled to justify a higher rating for the system if it had sold for $100 less.

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Techno Buffalo Oct 25, 2012

I’m in love with the Libratone ZIPP ... I love its simplicity, its beautiful design, the interchangeable colors, the portability and, of course, how clear and crisp tunes sound coming from it. No, it isn’t cheap, but it’s well worth it.

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joshsatto joshsatto

My original price range for a speaker was 200 dollars. I listened to 5-6 different systems and I wasn't impressed. Why would I spend 200 dollars for something that doesn't impress me? Then, I saw this; The Libratone Zipp. I was blown away by the design...thats what caught my eye. But, I didn't...

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