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The EA4500 is a good dual-band router, but what sets it apart from others is access to Cisco's Cloud Connect service, which lets you fully control your router from anywhere. While that could be a useful service, it may not be worth spending an extra $50 for it, since you can get the earlier E4200 for just $99. The cheaper router will give you most of the same functionality as the EA4500, including good throughput and range, and USB hookups to connect hard drives and printers.

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Laptop Magazine Oct 9, 2012

While it doesn't offer the blazing throughput of 802.11ac routers, speed isn't everything. The Cisco Linksys EA4500's innovative widgets not only make the router easy to use, but portend a future when most home devices are Internet-connected.

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PC Mag Apr 30, 2012

The EA4500 is expensive at $200 list price, and you aren't really getting much performance advantage over its predecessor... the amazing setup and fine throughput certainly make it a router worth considering, if you are shopping for a top-of-the line, very easy to setup and manage dual-band router.

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CNET Jul 6, 2012

Running Cisco Connect Cloud firmware, the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA4500 makes an excellent router for those who want a fast and advanced home network that's easily manageable from anywhere.

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PC World Feb 14, 2013

The EA4500 is a strong contender for consumers. Small-business owners, on the other hand, will find this router lacking in features. That doesn’t come as a surprise, because Cisco wants to sell Cisco-branded routers to that crowd.

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CNET AU Aug 6, 2012

We can see where Cisco was going with Connect Cloud, but it's definitely a first-revision product... As such, we've scored for the classic interface, which we suggest you install at great speed. Either that, or just buy another brand.

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PC World Australia Jul 18, 2012

The Linksys EA4500 offers good speed in the 5GHz band and is a good choice if you are in the market for a router that can supply up to 450Mbps in this band. Its CD installation process did not go smoothly for us though and we had to revert to good old manual methods.

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TrustedReviews Jul 10, 2012

Cisco's Linksys EA4500 is a router which masters its art. It looks great, performance is top notch and the new Cisco Connect Cloud user interface is a revolution which the rest of the industry will soon follow.

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TechRadar Oct 5, 2012

Admittedly it is on the expensive side of things, and 802.11ac is on the way, but the web interface and apps makes this tempting all the same.

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