by xMatter

Wireless Router Advice
Need some advice here. I share internet with my mother-in-law who lives one house down in a row home. She has internet and I have Hawking 300N wireless repeater. She use to have a Linksys WRGT 54G, but I want to get a new one. I purchased the Belkin N300 which reached my front porch and the Hawking repeater took over for the most part. Since the Belking N600 DB was only 30 more bucks, I bought that once as well to test it out. Now the 600DB has 2 more antennas for the 5GHz band, but the repeater... Read more →

by Musketeer

Tunnel to SSH Server with WRT54GL+DD-WRT?
I've got DD-WRT v24-sp1 installed on my WRT54GL. Can anyone tell me if its possible to connect to an SSH server with this? What I want to do is route all traffic via an SSH server I have access to. I can do it by running a client on each PC (Putty), but is it possible without running a PC client? Does DD-WRT have an SSH client built in that can do this? I tried going into the command window and typing "ssh -y my_login@my_server_ip my_password" but I got some error about the... Read more →

by andyattebery

9.x rating?
I'm not posting this to just bitch, but have that many people had good luck with this router? I read the post in the support discussions about needing to reset the router, which seems to be a common issue. I own a V6 of this router and have experienced this issue very frequently even after putting DD-WRT micro on it. My biggest complaint is under heavy load (one or two well seeded torrents), the unit will reset on its own or require a manual restart every five minutes. So with this problem,... Read more →

by darkwalt

Custom firmware
I bought a wrt54GL to supplement my aging wrt54g. Not enough ethernet ports, and decided to put a wired directional antenna 30 yards away, pointing at a poolhouse 50 yards away from the point of origin. I am running tomato firmware on both, with amplification turned up. Any other suggestions for a better custom firmware, or a good wireless n router with external antennas, capable of running custom firmware.