February 15th 2010 12:55 pm


by keppy

Nokia N9 - Anybody going to get one?
So after reading several glowing reviews and seeing a the hardware up close, I am dying to get this phone and some Meego action. I was still on my original Sprint Pre when HP decided to murder webOS, and at the time I went and did a Pre 2 Sprint conversion and planned on just using that indefinitely. But now....
So am I just a glutton for dead OS punishment, or are others itching for this phone as well?
Pretty much the only thing stopping me is the extreme cost. eBay was showing around 700-800...

by npbeers

We have the final legacy mobile os is finally being put out to pasture with today's news that the Nokia N8 will be Nokia's last flagship device…
running Symbian as they prepare to move to MeeGo. Now we'll get to see over the next few years how well they can compete and whether the market will be able to support all six of them. By the time all of these have actually debuted in the marketplace it will be four years since the announcement of the first iPhone, the initial catalyst of the modern smartphone era. What do you think? COMPANY: LEGACY > CURRENT Palm: Palm OS > webOS RIM: Blackberry > Blackberry 6.0 Microsoft: Windows... Read more →