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  • Ergonomics Fits comfortably in the hand but far too easy to accidentally hit buttons so-so
  • Device support As with all Harmony remotes the device support is very good. If anything it seems better great!
  • Battery life No comments good
Detailed review
This is my 5th Harmony remote and replaces my Harmony One which has been relegated to the Bedroom. This is my updated review following a couple of months of use.

I am glad to see the return of the 4 coloured buttons - I never did get used to the touch screen replacements on my Harmony one. But in exchange I have now lost the physical number buttons -that will take a while to get used to but it is a natural evolution when there are so many channel numbers to remember. Although there is a touch screen version of the numbers, you really need to head to the favourite channels instead. As part of the setup you choose your provider and then are presented with a list of channels with logos to select up to 50 favourites. I have Sky HD in the UK and also saw support for all the other providers in the UK. Choosing them in the clunky My Harmony interface is not the easiest of things to do.

I was able to copy most of the settings from my old Harmony one, but the soft buttons did not come across. It also adds warning symbols to the devices, an "i" telling you it doesn't support the PS3 without the Logitech Adaptor (Duh!) and a warning triangle but no explanation I can see for what it means.

As with all harmony remotes the greatest strength is the activity based buttons, e.g. Turn on TV and select input, turn on satellite and turn on Amp and select correct input - all from one button. This works as well as ever.

Broadly I think it is an advance on the old harmony - but after a couple of months of use, I still haven't got used to the touch screen I am still yet explore the gestures.

And the touch screen is the biggest issue with this remote.
  • Pick it up, you will almost certainly hit one or more functions in error.
  • Move your finger from the lower hard buttons towards the touch screen, and you likely active the help function by mistake as you finger passes over it
  • Casually put in down on the sofa next to you and ever move your body makes will somehow get picked up by the touch screen. When you look at it next you will find it deep in the hierarchy of menus trying to change something!
  • It desperately need a lock screen with a simple gesture to unlock like you get on most touch screen phones
  • The help button, is very effective at resolving issues where all the devices in an activity are not as expected - but it is far too disruptive when you hit it by mistake - it needs to be a two stage process -- "are you sure?"
You need to use a web browser and go to Myharmony.com to configure the remote. They have finally got around to supporting more than one remote per email address. The interface is horrible. it's not intuitive and very hard to use. Whilst the rest of the world is slowing abandoning Flash, Logitech have chosen to embrace the poorer cousin - Microsofts Silverlight. This gives them easier cross platform support, but the price is usability. trying to choose and order your 50 favourite channels will drive you mad.

You can also configure the remote directly - not very easy to do and you sometimes lose any customisations the next time you sync with myHarmony.

Battery life is good - about three days with normal use but it needs a better warning when it is running low.
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