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The Logitech Mini Boombox doesn't offer sound quality — or style — on par with our recommended Bluetooth speaker, the Jawbone JAMBOX. However, at half the JAMBOX's price, it may be adequate if you're looking to free your music from your smartphone and don't want to deal with cables or spend more than you did on the phone. For under $100, the mono-only Mini Boombox provides decent sound quality, a usable speakerphone, and can run for up to 10 hours on its rechargeable battery.

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PC Mag Dec 6, 2011

For its size, it's really a marvel that the Mini Boombox sounds as good as it does. At $100 you get wireless audio, a speaker for mobile phone calls, and a portable sound system for travel, and it does all of these things quite well.

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CNET Nov 22, 2011

The Logitech Mini Boombox Bluetooth speaker doesn't sound quite as good as the Jawbone Jambox--or look quite as slick--but it can play loud and has identical features for about half the price.

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Laptop Magazine Dec 8, 2011

Small, shiny, and cute, the $99 Logitech Mini Boombox does a good job of delivering loud, clear audio for a speaker of its size. Audiophiles won't be overly impressed, and those looking for a more pocket-friendly option might want to check out the $99.99 Spar Zephyr 300.

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Macworld Jan 12, 2012

I recommend the Mini Boombox only if you need its tiny size and aren't willing to spend more for something like the Jambox or FoxL—each of which provides far better sound quality and call performance.

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TechRadar Jan 23, 2012

Even for such a small speaker sound quality is very good, and there's hardly any noticeable audio [distortion] as you increase the volume. It manages volumes loud enough to fill rooms, and is pretty good for outdoor parties.

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theodd theodd

I recently grabbed this little guy on sale @ Amazon. My sole intended use case was for it serving as a "shower speaker". The design of the door to our stand-up shower allows me to balance the unit on top of the door frame aiming into the shower (but above the shower head so it won't get wet). I...

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kevina2 kevina2

Its my travel speaker for the hotel room. I'd rather have the Jawbone, but it is holding up well and needs little charging. There is a lag in the touch controls which I find bother me. There should be instant feedback of a selection or instant selection as appropriate.

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AndyWanderlust AndyWanderlust

I use this thing frequently, pairing to my phone or tablet for music and movie watching while on the road. Touch controls are nice for remote control of things like spotify (forward/back tracks without having to unlock my phone. It holds a long charge, volume is good (I've had several noise...

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