August 19th 2009 9:30 am

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The Logitech Performance Mouse MX's high-tech tracking technology gives it functionality other mice can't easily match, but in a less-than-intuitive design. quote

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CNET Aug 27, 2009

Logitech has met and surpassed Microsoft's recent mouse technology innovations by introducing the most versatile mouse sensor on the market in its new Performance Mouse MX.

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Gizmodo Aug 19, 2009

Although the Performance Mouse MX is slightly smaller than we'd like, it's still one of the best-tracking mice we've ever used. If you've got a glass table, or if you just like slightly better fidelity with your input devices,

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PC Mag Sep 28, 2009

The Logitech Performance Mouse MX's high-tech tracking technology gives it functionality other mice can't easily match, but in a less-than-intuitive design.

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Macworld UK Feb 25, 2010

I found the Performance Mouse MX a pleasure to use, and it’s one of my favourites. ...The bundled battery drains quickly, and the tracking isn’t fast enough for serious gamers, but for everyday use, it’s currently my mouse of choice.

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Digital Trends Sep 17, 2009

Between its Darkfield Laser Tracking technology and painless connectivity options, there’s much to love about the Performance Mouse MX. As such, the enhanced computing experience it offers more than justifies a purchase if you’re in the market for just such a peripheral.

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bwassink bwassink

As some one who works on a computer at least 8 hours a day a comfortable mouse is important. I have to say that after a slight warming up period of getting used to the mouse at the beginning I love it. Its by far the most comfortable mouse I've ever used as well as one of the most...

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ModManKev ModManKev

Here's My Video Review - I've... tried to sum up the features in high, medium, and low light fashion below - enjoy. Highlights: 1. Under Thumb Button. Completely natural position of a button - no thumb motion is even needed because you just have...

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clang clang

Whats not to love, I have 4 of these both a work (programmer) and at home. Fit my hand perfectly, ergonomics are perfect, the wheel scrolls smoothly. It you like the larger, palm centric mice, then this the the only one you need

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MartinodF MartinodF

This is the best mouse ever. The only problem I had: after almost three years of heavy use, one of the buttons begun reading some false double clicks. I simply opened it and cleaned the sensor, and the mouse is working perfectly again.

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ertert ertert

Granted, this mouse is the best I've ever used - but the problems with the double-clicking after a several months to a year of use are true. (single clicking becomes impossible due to a defect in the mouse) It's annoying to the point that it's unusable when it gets to this stage, so you either...

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speedgeek speedgeek

I really do love this mouse and it's definitely one of the best on the planet right now. The one annoying thing with it is that there is only 1 AA battery in it. A mouse this size could EASILY have 2 so that I would only have to charge it half the time.

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