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Are you ready to chat in 720p HD? (And are the people you call ready to see you in HD?) As long as you have a good broadband connection and a relatively recent PC, the C910 will give you solid HD performance, though you may have to use Logitech's bundled software to get the best live video quality. It will also shoot video in full 1080p HD. Logitech also provides intuitive software that makes it easy to upload your HD videos to YouTube and Facebook.

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PC Mag Jul 19, 2010

The Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 delivers true high-definition 1080p video and clear, stereo sound. It's a great upgrade from an older webcam, though there are some software-based limitations.

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Maximum PC Mar 24, 2011

We strongly recommend this cam if you need to record high-quality video and audio or do group videoconferencing, but we think a lighter, more flexible cam is better suited to desktop video calls.

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Everything USB Oct 19, 2011

As Logitech's latest flagship webcam, the C910 delivers impressive video at smooth a smooth 30 frames per second up to 720p, making it a surefire bet for anyone concerned about image quality even in the worst of lighting conditions.

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The Gadgeteer Apr 8, 2011

The C910 is going to run you about $99.00 on the Logitech website and that’s a little steep for my blood unless it’s going to seriously be used. There are cheaper, albeit lesser picture quality, webcams out there. If a good webcam is essential to your business, then this is the way to go.

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Saltank Saltank

Have been using this over a year for making Skype HD video calls, and it hasn't given any problems. The only problem being the software, which could be a bit more professional and useful. The software is non-existent for OSX, so I've had to use Windows 7 on my MacBook Air, for example, when I...

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Tiradora Tiradora

I have had the Pro 9000 and initially did not see much difference. The video and sound quality is pretty good as was the Pro9000. The software that comes with it does have more options. The stability of the unit is perfect for laptops and netbooks. I have yet to create videos, when i do i will...

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zl zl

While this webcam is fairly pricey ($100), it is well worth the cost. I am currently using 4 of these at work for remote visual monitoring functions. Does not produce "true" HD (1080, 24/30p) due to limitations of USB interface, but preforms nicely at 1080 15p or 720 24p. Performs well in low...

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cjtylr cjtylr

This is an amazing Webcam. Best I've ever owned. My only gripe is that it can be hard to mount on certain monitors. You might have to spend a little time finding the perfect spot.

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bytehead bytehead

It's been a nice webcam. I've had to update my glasses because of it. Too much reflection of my screen. It even works well with Windows 8. And I've been using it to do voice to text, and it's been working just as well as my Logitech headphones and boom mike. If fits well on top of my...

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