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Logitech's UE Boombox is a stylish, powerful Bluetooth speaker that delivers solid, bass-heavy sound with minimal distortion even at high volume levels, and has good battery life. However, at over 4 pounds, it's not quite as portable as other similar speakers. At $250, it's also more expensive than many other portable Bluetooth speakers, though the Jawbone Big Jambox sells for about the same price.

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CNET Aug 29, 2012

The Logitech UE Boombox's eight powerful internal drivers and timeless architecture score top marks for the first product bearing the company's collaborative moniker.

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TechCrunch Oct 1, 2012

We have a Jawbone Big Jambox in the office. When playing the same song on the two devices, there was no room for discussion. The Logitech UE Boombox is the clear winner, with a much clearer and richer sound than the limited Big Jambox.

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PC Mag Sep 17, 2012

If you like your low end, the $250 Logitech UE Boombox delivers a sculpted, bass-heavy response in a portable design. But this wireless speaker suffers from distortion at top volumes, and at this price, that shouldn't happen.

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Cult of Mac Dec 16, 2012

Powerful, crystal-clear sound wrapped in a package that manages a harmonious balance between fucntion and beauty; an unbeatable portable streaming speaker at anything close to this price.

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MacLife Dec 27, 2012

The aesthetics may be a bit retro, but the UE Boombox packs a punch, and offers fantastic sound quality for the money. Even Mr. Spacely would approve.

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TechRadar Nov 3, 2012

£200 might be a lot of money to spend for a portable speaker, but it's a damn good price for this level of audio and build quality.

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TrustedReviews Jul 4, 2013

The Logitech UE Boombox is a high-quality Bluetooth wireless speaker with a distinctive look. However, its bassy sound isn’t quite good enough for the price and the handle reduces its portable convenience significantly.

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IT Pro Portal Sep 27, 2012

The UE Boombox sounds exciting at moderate volumes – like something you might want to crank up to power your next party. That makes its issues at higher volumes all the more frustrating. If you're looking for more oomph without distortion from a Bluetooth system, the JBL OnBeat Xtreme is a better...

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marc marc

This is a great-sounding Bluetooth speaker that has a lot of range, gets extremely loud, and can handle bass-heavy tracks without distortion, even at high volumes. It's expensive, though on par with the Jawbone Big Jambox and other high-end Bluetooth speakers. The one real downside is its weight....

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victorluera victorluera

I coach a travel baseball team and I wanted to be able to play some tunes while we warm up. Most coaches roll around these giant speakers that look like a small piece of luggage and had the old apple connector at the top or an audio cable. I wanted something smaller that would work with my...

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