June 17th 2010 2:28 pm

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rknopp55 rknopp55

I love this mouse. It's the only one I've owned but It's not the only one I've tried. It's comfortable, and solid. I've dropped it several times and it just keeps going. Only changed the batteries once in the 10 months I've owned it. If you're just looking for a good solid mouse. I highly...

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isaactorres isaactorres

Great and good looking wireless mouse. Simple and elegant, the M510 has quickly become one of my favorite input devices on my custom desktop. Downside though for this and my Logitech wireless keyboard is that the range doesnt seem very great. My tower is a few feet away from both of my...

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gheedsgreed gheedsgreed

A nice upgrade from basic wireless mice. I'm used to wider grips of gaming mice so I'm not used to the M510's slimmer grip. It is very nicely designed and comfortable but lacks the grip and sensitivity for gaming, but great for everyday use. It is very light and portable, and the receiver dongle...

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Chazee Chazee

The best mouse that I have ever owned. I am a gamer, and it works great for gaming, and have no plans to upgrade.

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skellener skellener

Best full size wireless mouse I have ever used. I wish more companies made them. BUt Logitech has done a great job on this one.

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thurman thurman

This is the best mouse that I have ever had. The battery life is like 5 years. The nano receiver can also be configured to use with other gadgets. Kind of larger, but it fits me just right. Maybe I have gotten use to it.

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