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79 January 31st 2013 4:18 pm

Want to be able to perform Windows 8-style multitouch gestures without investing in a touchscreen display? The T650 is designed to let you do just that, and PC Mag says it's largely successful, giving you "all of the intuitive control of a touch screen in a comfortable, unobtrusive peripheral." However, it's not perfect; CNET says that "mimicking touch-screen gestures is still an imperfect experience," and Pocket Lint says its accuracy "just isn't as good as our trusty old wireless mouse."

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CNET Dec 14, 2012

The Logitech Touchpad T650 makes it easy to add a standalone touch pad to your Windows 8 tablet or desktop, but mimicking touch-screen gestures is still an imperfect experience.

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PC Mag Nov 27, 2012

The Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad puts all of the touchable features of Windows 8 into the hands of regular desktop users.

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PC Advisor Jan 25, 2013

The T650 is pretty expensive --- and isn't a perfect substitute for a touchscreen. If you're prepared to use it alongside a traditional mouse, it can make using Windows 8's modern interface a much nicer experience.

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Pocket-Lint Jan 23, 2013

Honestly, Windows 8 works really well without the touch stuff, but if you feel like you're missing out, the T650 is just about the best solution we've seen.

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TrustedReviews Oct 24, 2012

It is beautifully made, looks stylish and works flawlessly. It is also durable enough to be carried around with you without concern. That said battery life could be better.

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whiskeymb whiskeymb

I got an Apple trackPad and used some Windows drivers for it and I loved the idea and hated the execution. This makes up for all the features that were missing from that solution. And, dare I say, it also LOOKS nicer than the trackpad does. Everything feels right about this from clicks to the...

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robinashe robinashe

I switched from using an ergonomic mouse to using a Microsoft Trackball Explorer due to RSI. Spending $100 for it was worth it given the discomfort I had, but I would still feel some discomfort after using it, just much less than I experienced before. This is most likely due to using the...

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oneniner oneniner

This is much better than I was expecting, having used an Apple Magic Trackpad, then some really bad Windows trackpads on laptops. I didn't expect much. It feels nice and solid. Note quite as nice as Apple's, but not far off. My only complaint is that Windows 8 doesn't have more gestures built...

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rcornwell rcornwell

Since switching to Apple products a couple years ago, I've become a Trackpad fan. Up until I purchased this device, I've not been a fan of any implementation on the PC side. This unit is an excellent device and equal in performance and build quality to the Apple Magic Trackpad. It's designed for...

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ramboky ramboky

The build quality is top notch. The large, frosted glass surface provides a smooth movement with just enough tactile feedback. The gestures are simple, intuitive and easy to learn. So much so they become second nature and when going back to a regular touchpad or mouse I quickly miss them. All the...

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nohorse nohorse

It's basically the PC equivalent of the Mac Magic TrackPad. If you are running Windows 8 you are going to love the edge gestures. I really appreciate it when I dock my touch screen ultrabook and have gesture parity without reaching for the screen or having to use the alternative corner mouse...

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