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Trackballs have always been niche products, and in today's world of motion and touch-based input devices, might seem like throwbacks to another era. But if you find you just can't beat a trackball's ergonomics, there are still a few good ones to choose from, and the Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 is one of them. It's lightweight, includes well-placed buttons and a scroll wheel, and cradles your palm comfortably as you use your thumb to operate the ball — if you're a righty, that is. The 570 is strictly a right-handed model, though Logitech still sells its Trackman Marble, an ambidextrous, fingertip-controlled trackball.

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PC Mag Oct 11, 2010

The Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 mouse provides a mixed feature set for the casual and gaming crowd coupled with a comfortable design.

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Everything USB Feb 23, 2011

If you are experiencing any wrist discomfort symptoms and are looking for relief or just want to try something new, this is a fantastic option that, given enough time to learn, will meet your needs well.

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MacNN Sep 25, 2010

Picking the M570 then is a judgment call. It's a success for some, but we and no doubt some experienced trackball users feel Logitech could have done better.

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Willmonwah Willmonwah

This is one of those things that you wonder about but I have to say if you do any type of video editing where you need to make fine adjustments, this is for you. The advertised 18 month battery life (using a single AA) sounds very appealing but I haven't tested this myself. Note to OS X users:...

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HenryHu HenryHu

I only have this trackball, and it feels good. Many people can't be used to trackballs, but I think that they operates more easily and more comfortable. It can't be used for games, but it's great for other tasks. It also has less space requirements than normal mice. Only 2 buttons and no...

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Falcon Falcon

This Trackman continues to evolve the Logitech trackball design in positive ways. It adds forward/back buttons near the left mouse button, wireless with a small USB plug, and of course excellent ergonomics and design. An excellent feature is battery life. It requires 1 AA battery, and seems...

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CptBlu CptBlu

excellent product bought on suggestion of co worker was experiencing wrist burning with traditional mouse bout a cheap trackball I liked it no more burn but was not comfortable found this on newegg everyone at work that uses a trackball has now ordered one of these best trackball we've used

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