November 22nd 2010 9:01 pm

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CNET May 24, 2010

Logitech's Z323 speakers project adequate sound at low levels, but if you turn up the volume, the audio has an unacceptable lack of clarity and severely distorted bass. We recommend that you stay away from these speakers and spend an extra $10 on the Logitech Z523, one of the best...

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PC Advisor Aug 11, 2010

Overall, while listening to different genres of music, the Logitech Z323 failed to reproduce as much details as we heard from other 2.1 speakers in this price range.

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About Jun 4, 2012

If you’re looking for speakers to fill your home office or spare bedroom with sound, these are a solid buy for the price. But don’t expect them to replace your home theater.

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Ignore the "CRITIC REVIEWS" they are just used to the best. Okay so its not that good, however for the price It is so worth it. The base is stupidly heavy, however you can turn it down. quality is alright and thats all it has really been intended for. It easily fills the whole room. If you are...

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alan17 alan17

For the price, these are excellent value. They go really loud for their size and the sound is better than you could expect for something this cheap and small.

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cthart cthart

As I telecommute often, I use these mainly to listen to colleagues' talking on Skype calls. For this the audio quality is more than adequate with a good natural sound that can be heard clearly all over the room. I play music on them occasionally too, and for this they are more than adequate. I...

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