by frankspin

Gadget unicorn sightings
Gadget unicorns are how I refer to when a gadget gets massive hype, and then fizzles out with little to no fanfare due to poor reception. I think of things like the Kindle DX or the Nexus Q. Just stuff you would never expect to see out "in the wild" but when you do, you're in awe of what just came across your eyes.
Just yesterday, while at the train station in a small NJ town I saw someone with a Galaxy Gear. I felt bad because I kept staring at the person's wrist, but I have literally never seen... Read more →

by dave

Practical applications of Lytro cameras?
I'm really interested in the idea of Lytro's light field cameras, especially their latest invention: the Lytro Illum, which looks like an EVIL style camera (electronic viewfinder, interchangeable lens). However, in this case, the lens isn't interchangeable. It boasts a 30 - 250mm f/2.0 lens. Pretty impressive, all things considered!
Anyway, you can... Read more →

by dave

Most wanted gadgets for November 2011
What did you and your fellow gdgt users consider the most wanted gadgets for the month of November? Check out the following list! Samsung's Galaxy Nexus reigns supreme.
  1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus - http://gdgt.com/samsung/galaxy/nexus/
  2. Nokia Lumia 800 - http://gdgt.com/nokia/lumia/800/
  3. Apple iPhone 4S - http://gdgt.com/apple/iphone/4s/
  4. Amazon Kindle Fire - http://gdgt.com/amazon/kindle/fire/
  5. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime - http://gdgt.com/asus/eee/pad/transformer-prime/
  6. Lytro Lytro -...
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