January 6th 2014 7:33 pm

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jheaven jheaven

I would like to take this moment to share my experience with the MakerBot Z18 my company received three weeks ago. Unboxed and set up the machine, it printed the test Chain Length test part without any issues. Discovered the camera and wifi didn't work. Called MBI tech support on day one....

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confounded13 confounded13

We received our Z18 today (June 26 2014). The hardest part was moving it, since it's so big (not a bad thing... the print envelope is massive!). Setup was relatively easy and straightforward. The setup instructions were pretty clear and user friendly. We ran into a few hiccups attempting to...

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AaronMa AaronMa

After being unsuccessful at building even the most simple of models, Makerbot has replaced the print head 3 times, followed by taking the entire unit back for repair. Even the repaired unit will not feed filament reliably to allow us to print a medium to large size model. This product should be...

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