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80 March 20th 2012 9:54 am

It's big. It's loud. It's expensive. (Did we mention that it's loud?) And if you want the tactile experience of an old-school keyboard (think the classic IBM Model M), the Das Keyboard Model S Pro may be as good as it gets. In addition to the expected mechanical-switch keys, this one adds some modern features, including media-control keys and dual USB ports. Just be prepared to keep your office door closed at all times, or to deal with banishment if you work in a cube.

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CNET Jun 30, 2010

Despite its minimal set of features, the Model S Professional is a truly satisfying experience for the typing connoisseur. Each key cap is perfectly concave to fit a variety of fingers, and just resting your hands on the keys feels like the cozy embrace of a plush La-Z-Boy.

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PC Mag Jan 27, 2012

If you don’t mind having something on your desk that looks this astonishingly different from everything that surrounds it, you’ll have a hard time finding a better typing keyboard than this one.

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Macworld Dec 4, 2012

The Model S Professional For Mac represents a good Mac-specific start for Das Keyboard. It provides a solid and reassuringly physical mechanical-keyboard experience, and its keyswitch technology and physical design differentiate it from the popular Matias offerings.

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Computer Shopper Feb 11, 2010

We enjoyed our time with the Das Keyboard Model S Professional—for sure, we’ll be sorry to see it go. But our office mates won’t. To mollify colleagues or spouses, Das does offer a half-serious solution: earplugs. Or you can opt for the Das Keyboard Model S Professional Silent.

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