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by m0j1

use kinect as webcam
hi , I wanna buy a kinect to try some programming on it , but what I want to know is that can I use it as a normal webcam in other applications? I mean can windows(or mac) recognize it as a normal webcam? cause I'm doing some augmented reality programming and I have to use webcam in my applications , and I want to know if I can use kinect for both purposes .

by swetal

Where can I find parts for the Kinect?
The Kinect fell off of the top of my TV and the neck (white plastic piece on the inside) has cracked. The motor still works but its now tilted. Any one know where I can find parts like that? I found the PCB and Motherboards and lenses, but I need more basic parts than that. Thanks in advance.

by Scape3d

Is the Kinect really that good/fun? I've played the demo unit at Best Buy just briefly so I couldn't really give it a fair judgement.
From what I've read, the original Kinetic was going to be extremely robust, as in have tighter and precise control/vision but had to be scaled back due to cost. I'm wondering if I should wait for the 2nd generation? I have a 4 year old boy and a 2 year girl. Would it be good for them or is it too complex for that age?