March 30th 2010 4:28 pm

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by DaBash

Will Nintendo rebound?
It is almost shocking to talk about it, but just a few years ago, Nintendo was dominating the console wars. Everybody and their mother wanted to have the Nintendo Wii. It was a game changer in terms of the way you play your games. It was a breath of fresh air in the eyes of many and together with the Nintendo DS, Nintendo ruled the gaming world.
Suddenly, Microsoft's Xbox 360 started increasing in sales due to the Kinect and with the low sales of the Wii U, it seems that Nintendo may be losing... Read more →

by frankspin

Microsoft is planning to launch a subsidized Xbox 360 Kinect bundle for $99. Will you buy one?
Rumors are showing up today that Microsoft is looking to release a new Kinect bundle next week at a subsidized price of $99. This will get you the Xbox 360 4GB + Kinect + 2 years of warranty + 2 years of Gold membership for $99 on a two year contract. There is reportedly some extra content but nothing has been specified yet as to what the content is. The caveat though is that there will be a $15/month charge which will also have an early termination fee attached to it. Oh yeah and for the time... Read more →

by peter

Seven thoughts on Microsoft buying Skype
[This appeared in the gdgt weekly newsletter. You can subscribe to it here: ] 1. I have to confess that I had an inkling something was up when I suggested that Microsoft buy Skype in the newsletter a couple of weeks ago. I'd been hearing from some of my sources that the two companies were talking, I just didn't think it'd happen quite so quickly -- or even at all given the interest Skype was also getting from Google and Facebook (and probably some other... Read more →

by schizmo

Many games will still focus pimarily on controllers, yet take advantage of kinect for boss battles, powerups, special moves, and lots of other awesome features/gestures. Bioshock 3... To use a plasmid, simply take your hand off the controller and throw a fireball. You get the point. Thoughts? Other ideas?

by deinfinityx

Alright so I am annoyed, all I have heard since the rumors of Kinects price point is that $150 is to much and that Move is the better deal.
Now this would be true by about $50 for one person but when you through in the second person the Kinect has it beaten. Now I like what Move will do for games that need a controller but it really is just an upgrade Wiimote and the games they showed at E3 only support this since they are almost identical to the wii games just with better graphics. Now the reason I love Kinect is for the fitness aspect and the potential in FPS and other games. Move and Wii can not tell you if you are doing an... Read more →

by qyiet

A while back a headtracking 3D video was posted on youtube where a guy hacked a wiimote up with some glasses. I think this is it here (work bans youtube..
A while back a headtracking 3D video was posted on youtube where a guy hacked a wiimote up with some glasses. I think this is it here (work bans youtube.. so sorry if its a bad link) Anyway... it worked quite well in the video by tracking his head in 3D, then changing what was rendered on the screen to match his point of view. This sounds like something the Kinect would 'just know' and I was wondering if anyone had heard of any projects using...

by the12black

I'm pretty sure Microsoft is retarded... Why?
Microsoft got into the Console gaming market because Nintendo and Sony were simply kicking PCs ass in game sales in the late 90's, early 2000's. And for good reason; as far as I can tell, there are two big reasons for "Console" gaming as opposed to "PC/Computer" gaming. A: you never have to update hardware on your console system (other than buying additional controllers). And B: Consoles offer you the ability to chill on your sofa, or comfy chair and engage in some... Read more →

by derekerdmann

So I just watched the video at Engadget where they're testing out the new dashboard that uses the Kinect motion controls.
I was disappointed. The controls looked somewhat clunky and not necessarily intuitive, with big sweeping hand motions that I have a hard time thinking are comfortable to use for such simple controls. Where's the seamless gesture-based interface that we've been expecting? But then I remembered that this is a 1.0 device. The reason Kinect is so exciting is that it's taking this style of UI out of the realm of science fiction and putting it into living rooms. I think we can expect... Read more →

by jonursenbach

Is it just me or does watching the Project Natal/Kinect demo give you the same feeling when Nintendo demoed Wii Music in that it feels like a complete failure.
Don't get me wrong, the technology is incredible, but I honestly just can't see people running in place and jumping over "hurdles" in a sports game or "petting" animals. These kind of people are better off sticking with the Wii.