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With Microsoft's LifeCam Studio's 720p HD video, people you chat with will actually be able to see what you really look like. Audio quality using the LifeCam's mono mike may not be as good as you'll get on more expensive stereo models, but with recent price cuts, it's available for around $50, making it a great deal, especially if you're upgrading from a typical low-res built-in webcam.

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Engadget Sep 13, 2010

At $99 the LifeCam Studio is among the most expensive consumer webcams out there, but compared to the immediate competition, Logitech's C910, it appears to be a better choice.

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TechCrunch Sep 20, 2010

Comparing this camera to your standard VGA webcam isn’t really fair; this is a luxury item and it performs like it. At a hundred bucks, it’s still a hard sell, though: even if it performs very well, there are less opportunities for it to perform than we’d like.

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PC Mag Sep 22, 2010

The Microsoft LifeCam Studio is a sweet upgrade from a built-in VGA webcam, and good enough for high-definition Internet video chats and even home movies.

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Pocket-Lint Jan 24, 2013

It is a little expensive - although for a 1080p webcam, the street price of £50 really isn't bad - and we are very cross about the auto-focus, but as a webcam the quality is unassailable, and it's a nicely designed camera which plays well with every video chat app we used it with.

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Maximum PC Mar 24, 2011

This very thoughtfully designed cam offers good video and audio features and is one of our favorites for desktop videoconferencing.

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llkats llkats

Accidentally asked for this webcam for Christmas not realizing that it was Windows-only. Plugged it in to my Mac Mini just to see what would happen and Photo Booth happily recognized the camera. I'll update this review once I've used it for communication a few times.

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scrad scrad

This has to be by far the best webcam for capturing audio. Everyone on the other end of steam/skype conversations comment on how clear the audio is. I quite often get mates asking me to turn the TV in the background down when in fact someone else is watching it downstairs and down the hall. Very...

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userf7334f6c6e1 userf7334f6c6e1

Plugged it into my HP laptop running Windows 7 Enterprise, worked out of the box with Communicator. No issues, built in mic is high quality. Works great for video chat. Really clear video and voice. Packaging is over the top, couldn't believe the amount of plastic. Many layers. All I needed...

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