by TechShowman

Surface Pro 3 Is For Replacing Paper and Pen, Replacing Computers and Tablets is a Bonus.
Reason to buy? If you like writing your ideas out with a pen and paper, the surface 3 pen, and full version of Microsoft OneNote replaces this, empties your office of paper, and is extraordinary. Stop trying to compare to a laptop, desktop, or tablet. This replaced all three for me. However, the breakthrough is how this replaces paper and pen when used properly.
Bottom Line: My entire life, business, and other interests are organized in Notebooks on OneNote. I can find everything immediately and... Read more →

by cjtylr

What do you think about Microsoft's dream to kill the tablet?
Microsoft seems dead set on killing the need for both a laptop and a tablet with their latest announcement. With the same weight, more power, and a refined design, Microsoft might just have a winner on their hands.
On the other hand, I think I speak for everyone when I express intense desire to do crosswords on my super expensive piece of high-tech machinery.
Did anything strike you about the latest Surface?... Read more →

by TgD

What tricks have you found for the Microsoft Surface Pro/Windows 8.1?
This week I was able to acquire a 1st-gen Microsoft Surface Pro for a ludicrous price as the Microsoft store was clearing them out. Figured I could give one a shot!
I have to admit, I feel a little over my head in terms of tuning things nicely, and seeing all the cool stuff you can do with it. So, I am asking the engadget community for tips to optimize things and see what neat stuff I can find out.
Alright- here are my tips so far-
1. ... Read more →