by pineapplerox

Poor SP3 design and support
The idea of the SP3 was great.

But was let down by the poor make. The magnet glued on to the flipstand easily comes out after normal usage (SP3 uses A LOT OF GLUE to stick the parts together, which isn't very strong).

As it was under warranty, I went to Microsoft for assistance. They were polite and fast in their response, but wanted me to pay $500 just to glue back the magnet.

Talk about money-minded Microsoft :(

by TechShowman

Surface Pro 3 Is For Replacing Paper and Pen, Replacing Computers and Tablets is a Bonus.
Reason to buy? If you like writing your ideas out with a pen and paper, the surface 3 pen, and full version of Microsoft OneNote replaces this, empties your office of paper, and is extraordinary. Stop trying to compare to a laptop, desktop, or tablet. This replaced all three for me. However, the breakthrough is how this replaces paper and pen when used properly.
Bottom Line: My entire life, business, and other interests are organized in Notebooks on OneNote. I can find everything immediately and... Read more →

by VerAnGuaR

Surface pro 3 or razer blade (2014)
Hello, I'm a civil engineer, going to Madrid for an MBA on April 2015, and I will be needing a laptop for my studies, researches, watching videos and some gaming here and there (dota2, diablo3..). The machine will also be used for work later on be it engineering, consultancy, or finance, and I expect it to last 2 to 3 years at least. I'm looking for a premium laptop with a sleek design, and portability is an issue. Do you recommend the surface pro 3 i7 or the razer blade? (if any other device...

by mullerjoe

Trying out the Surface?
This is one for all you UK citizens out there.

Does anyone know where I could try out a Surface Pro 3 with the stylus? I'm umming and erring about buying one, but it all rests on the stylus UX..

I assumed there would be somewhere in London, but any places I've found just have the tablet out stand alone.



(That said, does anyone have any comments on the stylus feel for general notetaking?)

by newpop1

Surface Pro 3 does not support *some* AC wireless routers.
After purchasing the Surface Pro 3 and playing with it for a week, I found only one issue which is a deal breaker for me and I assume many other users. The Wireless adapter cannot maintain a stable connection to AC/N Wireless routers. I have tested this on 3 different ones, Dlink, Linksys and an enterprise router. In all 3 cases the Surface Pro 3 would connect (some with trouble) and even though download speed was good, the upload speed was very slow (0.05-0.10 Mbps). Eventually the connection... Read more →

by vertigo220

My issues with the Surface Pro and W8
I tried the SP2 for a brief time, but there were a couple things that bugged me that I just couldn't get over. First is the fact the on-screen keyboard doesn't automatically pop up (when the physical keyboard isn't docked) when selecting a text entry field. The second is that when docking the on-screen keyboard to make the desktop resize so everything is visible and nothing is hidden by the keyboard, the sizes and positions of the windows aren't remembered, so when undocking it and returning the... Read more →

by cjtylr

What do you think about Microsoft's dream to kill the tablet?
Microsoft seems dead set on killing the need for both a laptop and a tablet with their latest announcement. With the same weight, more power, and a refined design, Microsoft might just have a winner on their hands.
On the other hand, I think I speak for everyone when I express intense desire to do crosswords on my super expensive piece of high-tech machinery.
Did anything strike you about the latest Surface?... Read more →