by TechShowman

Surface Pro 3 Is For Replacing Paper and Pen, Replacing Computers and Tablets is a Bonus.
Reason to buy? If you like writing your ideas out with a pen and paper, the surface 3 pen, and full version of Microsoft OneNote replaces this, empties your office of paper, and is extraordinary. Stop trying to compare to a laptop, desktop, or tablet. This replaced all three for me. However, the breakthrough is how this replaces paper and pen when used properly.
Bottom Line: My entire life, business, and other interests are organized in Notebooks on OneNote. I can find everything immediately and... Read more →

by DanCooper

How would you change Surface with Windows RT?
At the tail-end of 2012, Microsoft launched the Surface with Windows RT, a gorgeous, homegrown tablet that was meant to be a productivity-focused alternative to the iPad and Android tablets. Unfortunately, the device didn’t sell anywhere near as many as then-CEO Steve Ballmer had predicted, which some believe is what caused him to lose his job. However, the Surface has lingered around, and we’re sure many of you bought one when the price was cut. The question for you all to answer now is:...

by TgD

What Black Friday steals are you looking at/for?
Its one of my favorite times of year. Black Friday. The one day a year you have to have no shame in running through a store when there are some great deals to be had. Generally now though I stick to online shopping.
Myself, I have been looking at cameras for a little bit, but I have not seen any truly stellar deals yet.
The one deal that is intriguing me (although it probably shouldn't) is the Microsoft Surface RT + Touch Cover for $250. This is the lowest its ever gone. I realize the Surface 2... Read more →

by marc

Is this the end for Windows RT?
Last week at CES, Windows RT-based tablets were virtually invisible. In fact, one of the more interesting devices we saw was the Asus VivoTab Smart, a 10-inch tablet running Windows 8, which will be available for about $500, the same price as the Surface RT and Asus' own RT-based VivoTab. Adding insult to injury, Samsung late last week announced that it's going to pass on RT, joining Acer, Toshiba and HP in the non-RT camp. Is this the end... Read more →

by kris

A Surface commercial that finally shows the OS
You may have seen the first Surface commercial, where a bunch of students dance around on a quad clicking the Touch Cover and kickstand.
Maybe it showed off the hardware, but it wasn't very informational otherwise, unless you were looking to form your own offshoot of "Stomp" or something.
So imagine my surprise when this commercial aired a few days ago:
Hey look, it's actual shots of the OS! Oh.. it's still not very... Read more →

by marc

Is it time to consider buying a Chromebook?
When the first Chromebooks came out, they were overpriced, and ran an early version of Google's Chrome OS that was almost useless without an internet connection. However, Chrome has improved dramatically, and now allows offline access to locally stored documents and media files. More significantly, hardware prices have dropped dramatically. Samsung's recently released Chromebook sells for just $249, includes USB 3.0 and HDMI ports, and... Read more →

by marc

Which tablet will dominate sales this holiday season?
This holiday season is shaping up to be an epic battle for tablet manufacturers, with Apple's 4th-gen iPad and iPad mini competing against the Asus Nexus 7 and Samsung Nexus 10, Amazon's Kindle Fire HD, Barnes & Noble's Nook HD, and Microsoft's Surface RT, among others. With so many options, including some good tablets for under $200, will Apple be able to retain its market supremacy -- and if you're in the market for a tablet right... Read more →

by falleninsea

Why do the hardware specs matter?
I have read a lot of reviews and discussions where they are comparing the specs of a device against another. There have been lots of comparisons of late of the iPad, Surface tablet and Nexus 7. Does it really matter what their hardware is when you are comparing devices designed for different operating systems?
The iPad 3rd gen has a dual core processor and only 512 GB of ram and the New surface tablet has a quad core processor with 2 GB of ram and they are both are comparably fast and responsive... Read more →

by andrewkalies

Windows 8 is upon us. Are you upgrading?
Image via Windows.com
It's here: Windows 8 (and the Surface RT) officially launch tonight at midnight.
From the Microsoft press release:
"In addition to the range of new Windows-based devices available, consumers can also upgrade their existing PCs. Through the end of January, consumers currently running PCs with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 are qualified to download an upgrade to... Read more →

by frankspin

Surface prices shown off and appear to be starting at $499
Microsoft had pricing up this morning but has since pulled it for their upcoming and anticiapted Surface RT tablets. Pricing will be beginning at $499 for a 32GB Surface RT without a touch cover. The price jumps $100 for the 32GB with a touch cover and goes up another $100 for the 64GB with touch cover. Since the RT will only be working with Windows apps from the Windows Store that means... Read more →

by groovechicken

Windows 8 and the Myth of the All-Purpose Device
With the release of Windows 8 and its ecosystem of hardware near at hand, I have been thinking about the ancient (in technology years) myth of the all-purpose device. This myth is one every geek knows and dreams of. The idea of having a single device that you carry around that can meet all of the technology needs you have is one that has captured the imagination since the days of the first "portable" computers. For geeks everywhere, though, it is ultimately a dream that leaves us depressed and... Read more →

by marc

Do you want a keyboard with that tablet?
There are lots of keyboards available for tablets, ranging from Bluetooth keyboard cases for iPads to specialized docks like the ones ASUS offers for its Transformer line. But few tablets actually ship with a keyboard, since most are designed to be used primarily with their touchscreens, and keyboards are generally considered aftermarket products designed for a small subset of the user base.
But longtime second-tier... Read more →

by frankspin

Microsoft Surface RT rumored to sell for $199, but can it compete with the rest?
Rumors are circulating today that the Microsoft Surface RT tablet will be going on sale for a MSRP of $199 this October. This puts it in direct competition with the other low-priced tablets like the Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and nookTablet. It also makes it one of the first mainstream 10-inch tablets to come in at such a low price. The Surface RT has the specs to compete with other budget tablets (check out a compare... Read more →

by rcartwr

Do we want "Built to Not Last"?
I recently read a post by Khoi Vinh titled "Built to Not Last" http://www.subtraction.com/2012/06/19/built-to-not... where he discussed the new Apple MacBook Pro and iFixit's complaint that the new MacBook was unfix-able in the broader context of the trend of companies such as Apple and now Microsoft building devices that are not user up-gradable or repairable, even down to battery replacement, much less memory or video upgrades. Is design trumping practicality? Andy Ihnatko may have said it... Read more →

by Tekcellence

Behold the Second Coming of Microsoft
Microsoft, when they unveiled their tablets today, created an entirely new market, or rather, reinvented an old market. Now, they are in a position that could allow them to dominate the tablet space in a few short years. If you don't believe me, read on...
Unlike rival tablets, such as the many Android variants, the BlackBerry PlayBook, which I think is an excellent tablet, but I digress; and others that compete with the iPad, Microsoft has the potential to bring to market a ready made success.... Read more →