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  • Ease of use Best version of Windows... ever. Easy to use, configure, and navigate. great!
  • Speed Faster and smaller footprint than Vista. Boot is much faster. good
  • Configurability Themes, gadgets, menus, pinning, etc... Nice configuration options. good
  • Ecosystem (apps, drivers, etc.) It's Windows... Most software is natively designed to run on Windows. great!
  • Openness Don't mess around with DLL's and removing / mod'ing. You want open, go with Linux, but your trade off is the ecosystem of available software. so-so
Detailed review
I went with the full version (reformat and install) as opposed to an upgrade, so it's understandable that everything is blazing fast now. Still, there's a lot of improvements:

1. Home Networking is vastly superior, especially if you're running multiple 7 machines. Check Microsoft's website for additional details. File sharing between PC's is now easier than ever!
2. All software and drivers continued to work that was running on my Vista OS, except my sound card driver. I went to Creative's website, and downloaded the updated driver without an issue.
3. New split screen and min/maxing features are welcome additions to the UX.
4. Desktop "Theme's" can be preselected or customized. Wallpaper can even be set to periodically rotate through pictures.

Overall a vastly improved OS when compared to Vista and XP, and it's only on the market for three weeks.
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