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by frankspin

Saying goodbye to Windows XP
It's been a long run, but Windows XP has finally reached its end of life. As of April 8th Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, meaning no more security updates and support. XP was, and still is, one of Microsoft's most successful operating systems with many fans holding out on upgrading. Looking through our user reviews you can see how much some of our users loved the OS.
Trewyy: "Windows XP is still the best OS to date."
ParasValecha: "A beast of an OS... Read more →

by frankspin

How do you find new apps and software to check out?
While we all probably have the pieces of software we've come to rely on day-in day-out, I think we all can agree we're always open to finding new apps and software to try out. Aside from relying on news sources, like here at Engadget, app store suggestions and Twitter, where do you go to get recommendations for apps and software?
My favorites sites of late are the following:
The Sweet Setup (http://thesweetsetup.com/) -- this is a site started by Shawn Blanc where the focus is to pick the best... Read more →

by frankspin

How do you handle tracking your daily routines and journaling?
Something that I have been trying to get into more is logging daily activities, work related duties, photos and just general journaling. This has become far easier thanks to smartphones and there is no shortage of tools to make this possible. I have a few different ones that I use to accomplish specific tasks, but I'm always open to hear how other people go about handling their daily journaling.
  • Daily Journal - I can't speak highly enough of DayOne and everything it...
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by kris

Operation Finish all the Games, January 2014
So, here I am in month two of my project to tackle my backlog of unplayed or unfinished video games. If you're just joining us, here's last month's post: http://www.engadget.com/discuss/operation-finish-all-the-games-december-2013-1myy/
But, a quick recap of the rules:
  1. Beat or finish one game a month. To "beat" means to undertake the actions that usually end the basic story and prompt a credits scroll.
  2. Only story sequences count, no...
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by mickestyer

PST File Not Showing Emails in Outlook 2010 Personal Folders
PST file not showing emails in Outlook 2010 due to corruption issues. Use PST database repair tool and easily recover Outlook 2010 personal folders including emails, contacts, tasks and calendars etc.
Due to some certain reasons when Outlook users switch from old edition to the new edition i.e. Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 then, oftentimes after adding up old PST to new Outlook account may not explore expected results. As when users open the PST into Outlook 2010 then, an error comes instantly... Read more →

by frankspin

Why pay for services you can get for free?
Engadget reported early this morning about how Droplr will no longer offer free accounts (http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/03/droplr-rapid-f... If you're unfamiliar with Droplr it's a simple file sharing service for OSX. Most users of the service will probably stop using it, and most of you who have never heard of it probably don't see a point with Dropbox or Google Drive. For me though I will likely pay to keep using the service since it provides the easiest form... Read more →

by kris

Operation Finish all the Games, December 2013
Like many gamers, I have a backlog of unfinished or even unplayed games. It costs money, takes up room, and most of all, makes me feel guilty. Guilty for letting it take up room, guilty for spending the money, and guilty for simply existing when I want to play newer games.
I've made resolutions in the past to clear it out, usually to very little success. But backlogs in themselves are not insurmountable—I've managed to cut down my backlog of unread books, unread comics, and unwatched TV shows.... Read more →

by MaryLouise

Tough as nails Windows tablet please!
I am in desperate need of a Lightweight Windows tablet that is tough enough to survive being used as a communication device by a five year old child (I'm talking seriously tough, we have been through all the supposed 'rugged' iPad cases with many not even lasting a day). The tablet will be dropped repeatedly due to the child's startle reflex, seizures, and motor difficulties. I am happy to fashion a case but the tablet itself needs to be powerful enough to run this program... Read more →

by Sushubh

What is the safest way to upgrade hardware and reactivate Windows 8.1?
My current system started with Windows 7 retail edition. I upgraded to Windows 8 using the upgrade offer. And it is currently running Windows 8.1. So I have keys for Windows 7 and Windows 8. I don't have optical media for either builds.

I plan to upgrade my desktop in the coming weeks. The biggest annoyance is reactivating Windows because of hardware changes. What is the safest way to go about it? Any suggestions?

by elcamel1216

Well defined desires for a device, confusing reviews, please HELP ME!
Help! I am so lost, I read engadget religiously, but the reviews of all the non apple tablets have come off as mediocre. I am either looking for an 10inch android tablet and stick with an old windows 7 laptop, or a full windows 8/8.1 device (but I am worried about the weak app selection).
-My budget is 400-500 for a strict tablet, and up to 900 for a full windows device.
-My device uses include Netflix (while in bed), Copious amounts of YouTube, Microsoft Word, Streaming media to a smart TV using... Read more →

by dave

What differentiates a point update vs a major update with regard to software?
We were having an interesting discussion in the office today about OS X Mavericks. Some people felt that Mavericks (along with Mountain Lion, Lion, and Snow Leopard) seemed more like point releases than significantly new operating systems. (i.e., a simple update intended to fix bugs rather than add significant new features.)
A second example was mentioned with regard to iOS. iOS 7 has been the first new coat of paint in a long time. Prior to that, iOS 6, 5, 4, etc,... Read more →

by frankspin

Acer is planning more Android tablets and Chromebooks, less Windows products
Acer, like ASUS, has had some financial losses the last quarter and are shifting their focus a bit. They're going to continue to work with Microsoft and manufacture laptops and tablets, but not as much. Instead they're planning to make more Android tablets and more Chromebooks. Given their track record with Android tablets and their less than stella C7, I'm not entirely sure how well this can play out. One can hope that with less focus on Windows devices they can provide more premium products... Read more →

by freshfelicio

I will upgrade my PC once Windows 8.1 comes out
In my opinion Windows 8 is a great approach: Tablet-PCs shouldn't run the same OS like Smartphone, but the same OS like PCs and Laptops. Because Windows 8 Tablets are PCs, they have the functionality of a Laptop but the User Interface of a Tablet. I love the idea of having similar UIs on all my devices (PC, Tablet, Windows Phone, Xbox). No doubt: With app multitasking, full Office, full Photoshop, USB-support is Windows 8 the best Tablet OS in the market.
However, on PCs, things are a bit... Read more →

by npstookey

windows 8 and the hp envyx2
my first contact with windows 8. enjoy the metro layout AND having access to the desktop as well. as a early adapter (iPad) of the tablet form, i bring a certain perspective to the x2. long had hoped for a decent keyboard to accompany a detachable screen and the hp envy x2 does it for me. what it lacks in SSD size (only 64gb) i make up for with microSD (64gb) on the tablet and the addition of a regular 128gb SD on the side. although only 32 bit in an increasingly 64 bit app world, the less than... Read more →

by TgD

Resolution war continues. HP coming out with a 3200 x 1800 ultrabook
I saw the post this morning on Gizmodo and Engadget about the HP envy touchsmart 14 coming out this summer. Sources are saying that there will be a version with a 3200 by 1800 display.
This is over 4 times the pixels of one of my current laptops (at 1440 by 900) and it is crammed into a 14 inch screen, a touchscreen no less.
I find this very impressive and may have to take a look at one. Again I am sure there will be the... Read more →

by TgD

Windows 8 and RT may merge in Windows Blue, but does that solve the problem?
I am seeing a few reports that the upcoming Windows Blue update will merge Windows RT and Windows 8
( http://www.fudzilla.com/home/item/31039-windows-rt... )
Now although I am totally in favour of not having the segregation, will this not muddy the waters in deciding what devices to buy? When I look at store shelves, my thinking logic is like this:
Windows RT on spec sheet -> must be arm processor -> not gonna have a lot of apps
Now without that to distinguish,... Read more →

by yehudablonder

The Entire thing about Windows 8
Okay! Here I go off about Windows 8!
I bought my laptop in June and they said when I bought it that I would be able to Upgrade my laptop to Windows 8 for $14.99. so I did it. When Windows 8 came out everyone said that it's a great Operating System, so i decided to upgrade my laptop. When i first upgraded it was so annoying, because there is no start button, so i got so frustrated, but i was able to find a way to get a start button and then everything was getting much easier. One day my laptop... Read more →