September 27th 2011 1:44 pm

Heads up! A newer version of this product is out!


by sas786

mobile operating systems
Hi all, seeing as most users on here have a good understanding of tech, i was hoping for a small request in getting some feedback through my questionnaire.
Im currently doing research on mobile os as part of my final year dissertation in computing and would be extremely grateful for those who could fill it out. Ive approached companies head on and they don't seem to have the time to spare 5 minutes (less than that even) to fill it out. No personal details are required, just simple information on... Read more →

by mywongho

Nokia Lumia 900 does not not support my language.
I'm so disappointed that Last month I made mistake to buy Nokia Lumia 900 which is the fcuk O/S is installed. It seems this is only one O/S that can not support my language. I use only nokia phone from 3210 to N8-00, but the last one is very disappointed. I don't understand what nokia is thinking. I'm looking for the way how to install android instead. Can any one help me.?

by peter

Call it the Surface Player: Why Microsoft needs an iPod touch competitor
Maybe I'm only saying this because the Zune HD never got the love it deserved, but Microsoft should come out with a Windows Phone-based competitor to the iPod touch (i.e. a smartphone without the phone part). Why? Because it would help establish Windows Phone as a viable platform. Challenging the iPod touch isn't going to tip the balance for Microsoft all on its own, but having one could make things a little easier (and it probably would not upset Microsoft's OEM partners as much as doing a... Read more →

by Nintendubus

How Are We Liking Windows Phone?
The Lumia 900 has been on the market for a few weeks now. I can't help but have noticed that a number of folks have picked one up. Out of you new owners, how many of you are new to Windows Phone? How do you like it?

What are you missing from the operating system you came from?

Do you miss the Notification Drawer?

How do you feel about Windows Phone's multi-tasking system?

by TgD

Interested in trying the Windows Phone 7 UI?
So this is not anything new, but it seems there are a lot of people curious about Windows Phone 7.

In fact, if you currently have a smartphone you can give the UI demo of WP7 by opening your mobile browser and going to

I find it really cool and a neat way to give people exposure to the platform.

by JasonTsay

What would be your dream phone from existing phone parts?
Joshua Topolsky's quote from a recent Vergecast got me thinking about the "ideal phone." He describes it as "I want the One X internals, display, and camera in the body of the Lumia 900, running stock ICS."

Using just specs/aspects of phones currently on the market, what would your dream phone be?

by andrewkalies

So I used the Nokia Lumia 900 for awhile today. Anyone have questions about the device?
I walked into my AT&T store today and asked the salespeople to try it, and they handed me one of their personal L900's that they're testing before the launch. They let me use it for a good 20-30 minutes, so if anyone has questions about the device I'll do my best to answer them!

by johnservice

Should I upgrade to a Nokia Lumia 900 or wait for Windows Phone 8?
Hi, I have just seen on a UK cell phone website that Nokia's Lumia 900 is set be released here in the UK in the month of May. I am currently in the middle of my contract and am considering buying the device outright.

I have one question though - Shoudl I buy the Nokia Lumia 900, or should I just wait until the end of the year to see Niokia's Windows Phone 8 (codename Apollo)?

by peter

Windows 8: Metro vs. Desktop?
Microsoft wants to have things both ways -- literally. They want to have a touch-based UI to address the growing popularity of tablets, but didn't want to turn their back on the legacy Windows experience that has been so massively successful for them for the better part of two decades. I sort of understand the decision to cram both of these interfaces together -- Microsoft believes, rightly or wrongly, that having the apps and power of a full PC will give them a fighting chance in the tablet... Read more →

by hatchg

Openness as one of 5 grading criteria
I am at odds with "Openness" being one of the five criteria for a smartphone. This treats Windows Phone unfairly. An extremely open phone system doesn't necessarily equate to a better phone! Just look at the malware we are hearing about with Android and the problems with Google Wallet security!


The Perfect Smartphone
I have this idea in my head... I want a smartphone, but there are things I want that none of the OS's have. But I also want a solid phone that satisfies every need I could have. I want to make my own smartphone. But I don't want it just for me, I want it for everyone. So, my question to you, fellow gdgt-ers, is what is the perfect smartphone? Don't tell me one that is already out. I don't want to know why Android or iOS makes your phone great, I want specs such as screen size, processor speed... Read more →

by swhite237

Windows Phone's Problem Is Hardware- And That's A Good Thing
Right now Microsoft has an incredibly competitive software platform, one that's both meaningfully differentiated and fun to use. But Microsoft hasn't gained any market-share. In fact, they seem to be losing ground from where they were with Windows Mobile a few years. The primary reason for this has to be the quality of hardware released. Until the Nokia deal was announced Windows Phone was a side event for every manufacturer making devices. Android is the mobile industry's bread and butter;... Read more →

by peter

The cold reality of the mobile OS market
I received a lot of thoughtful -- and because this is the internet, also some not so thoughtful -- responses to my piece last week proposing that RIM abandon its efforts to build its own mobile OS and instead adopt one of the other options out there, and I wanted to expand on some of what I wrote.
First, I didn't make this argument because I dislike RIM. I have a lot of respect and admiration for what the company has accomplished. I first started using a BlackBerry back in 1999 and carried one... Read more →

by cass

Why haven't you bought a Windows Phone yet?
I just read this article on the NY Times ( about how Windows Phone is critically a hit, but I think it's also a "hit" with consumers too. I have a Zune HD and I think it's the best media player on the market and always enjoyed using Windows Phone in the couple of instances where I got to test them out. I also know a few (very few) Windows Phone owners that love it and seen others been... Read more →

by ylksa

Most Useful Apps I found
Here is a list of the most useful apps I managed to find on the Nokia Lumia 800 (Windows Phone 7.5), if you find anything else please post it.
  • 4th & Mayor: it is a foursquare client, I like it cuz it is much faster than the original foursquare app and it has notifications. (not sure if foursquare has notifications, I couldn't find it though)
  • App Flow: Now this is the most useful app I found so far, it really is a good replacement for the marketplace, and it helps a lot in deciding which app...
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