April 7th 2014 11:07 am

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by vishnuteja

What do you want from Microsoft Windows Phone OS ?
Well comparatively, Windows Phone OS has least share in the market but there are many lovers of it like me.
In the world of patents and copyrights issues, and tough war b/w iOS & Android features and UI's, Microsoft has set the standards for a different approach in the entire design.
The design and performance of Windows OS is so unique that it can fit any hardware. The design guidelines were so unique unlike other OS'es which puts Windows apart from all. The uniformity in all apps is so... Read more →

by TgD

What's the smallest UI design flaw that bothers you most?
(1000th discussion post! Yay!)
I think I have found mine. I've been using Windows Phone 8.1 for 2 weeks now to give it a trial run (side note: I'm liking it for the most part!)
However, I think whoever designed the messaging UI must have not tested it very well. The thing that is absolutely infuriating me is that the 'send' button is pretty well right on top of the software back key. It is brutal! I frequently either:
1. Hit back when trying to send a message, closing... Read more →

by jcroody

Nokia Lumia 635 - Best phone yet
I recently purchased my first windows phone, the Lumia 635 by Nokia out of frustration with my iPhone 5s and bad experiences with a few Android devices in the past. Often we write letters to companies for bad services or bad products and rarely do we give recognition or acknowledgment for the good. As consumers we are believed to buy a product or service and expect for it to be flawless, and when our expectations are not met we tend to complain and bash a company’s brand. This letter is to... Read more →

by LandRovers

Your Greatest moments in Mobile Technology
Ok, so we've all have had our favorite moments of technology, and I'm wondering what are yours. Like the moment when the most useful feature you've ever used was announced or anything like that.

Mine? The announcement of iCloud at the 2012 WWDC. Also, the time I first got an iPhone.

Multiple moments are allowed!

by dave

What do you want to know about Windows Phone 8.1?
On Monday, Brad Molen took a closer look at Windows Phone 8.1. It's Microsoft's latest effort to improve their mobile operating system and it includes a number of new features like Cortana, Action Center, and a new swipe keyboard interface.
Want to know more about Windows Phone 8.1? Now's your chance to ask. Fire away and we'll get Brad to... Read more →