October 26th 2012 9:47 am


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by TgD

Windows 8 and RT may merge in Windows Blue, but does that solve the problem?
I am seeing a few reports that the upcoming Windows Blue update will merge Windows RT and Windows 8
( http://www.fudzilla.com/home/item/31039-windows-rt... )
Now although I am totally in favour of not having the segregation, will this not muddy the waters in deciding what devices to buy? When I look at store shelves, my thinking logic is like this:
Windows RT on spec sheet -> must be arm processor -> not gonna have a lot of apps
Now without that to distinguish,... Read more →

by marc

Is this the end for Windows RT?
Last week at CES, Windows RT-based tablets were virtually invisible. In fact, one of the more interesting devices we saw was the Asus VivoTab Smart, a 10-inch tablet running Windows 8, which will be available for about $500, the same price as the Surface RT and Asus' own RT-based VivoTab. Adding insult to injury, Samsung late last week announced that it's going to pass on RT, joining Acer, Toshiba and HP in the non-RT camp. Is this the end... Read more →

by falleninsea

Why do the hardware specs matter?
I have read a lot of reviews and discussions where they are comparing the specs of a device against another. There have been lots of comparisons of late of the iPad, Surface tablet and Nexus 7. Does it really matter what their hardware is when you are comparing devices designed for different operating systems?
The iPad 3rd gen has a dual core processor and only 512 GB of ram and the New surface tablet has a quad core processor with 2 GB of ram and they are both are comparably fast and responsive... Read more →