July 1st 2009 8:42 pm

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Malik Malik

XBMC is an open source OS you can put on the xbox. It does take some work, but the end product will blow your mind. You can store games on it, emulators for old school systems, even playstation! You can load it up with movies, music and more. Now let me talk about the actual system. Xbox is a...

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dvhh dvhh

Was already a very good system (though expensive), for its time, I picked it up for its potential as being the Dreamcast successor, and some of the best looking game of this generation. But XBMC really made it shine, and made it the best Media center (somehow even beating the Xbox360 and PS3 for...

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cjtylr cjtylr

The Xbox was a game changer product. Unfortunately, but today's standards, it's graphics are bad, lacks any online support, and doesn't have a huge game library. It was SICK back in the day though.

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XJackalX XJackalX

An okay system. Mostly used mine for LAN parties on Halo. In fact the Halo series probably saved Microsoft's console industry. Halo definitely established the Xbox as the console for FPS's, no offensive to the the PS3 owners, I am one myself. A few other decent titles were Crimson Skies...

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Gofake1 Gofake1

It was my first game console experience, and it could have went better. There were a lot of games to choose from, but Microsoft killed support for it too early. Furthermore, games would crash on a regular basis. I did have fond memories with Halo though...

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wasserja wasserja

Microsoft nailed it when they created a gaming console based on x86 hardware. While the console is aged now, it still makes an excellent media center when powered by XBMC.

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