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Detailed review
Hardware- The Xbox 360 produces great looking visuals and amazing sounds. It boasts a 3.2 ghz Tri-Core processor and renders everything in crisp HD. Even without the Blu-Ray, 360 graphics generally look as good as PS3. The wi-fi controller offers little to no lag and has well placed buttons.

Software- (Note: I'm going by NXE) The NXE allows for seamless movement of many features. It's simplistic interface allows anyone to get where they want to go. The Avatar system is a blatant knock off of Miis, but has a couple cool, features that make it worth getting into. Props are cool, and there are a lot more customization options than MIis, but Avatars aren't integrated into very many games.

Games: Xbox 360 generally has more and better exclusives/DLC than its current gen counterparts. Many formerly exclusive games for other companies have found their way onto the XBox. XBox Live is by far the best console online gaming service, and the party system and TruSkill are extremely well implemented.

Build Design-
The Xbox 360 looks absolutely atrocious. It's matte white paint job makes a skin a necessity, and it's slot-loading DVD drive means you can't load a disk with the console standing up. The Xbox 360 runs very hot and needs elevation to run properly. The flimsy USB and memory card covers are begging to fall off, and I'm quite lucky they haven't. The third USB port is in the back of the console, which makes absolutely no sense. Why would I want to reach all the way behind my XBox to plug in another controller? I honestly don't know.

Overall- This console won't win any beauty pageants. What it will do is play anything you throw at it better than anything on the market.