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Detailed review
While not the perfect system, Microsoft does it's best to compete with Sony and Nintendo, and not only does it deliver, but it does so with flying colors.

It doesn't have the raw power of the PS3, nor the wii-mote-ness of Nintendo, but it brings everything else perfectly. Each system has it's pro's and con's; the PS3 has the computing and graphical power of Chuck Norris, the Wii has the best motion controller ever on a console, but where Xbox truly shines is it's online service of Xbox Live.

Making it possible to play games with your friends easily and giving you access to movies, music, community games, new game trailers, etc. Xbox Live is the best online service to grace a console, and while the PS3 comes comes, Live still comes out on top.

Now the cons; The PS3 has a very limited amount of games, especially good ones. The Wii doesn't have amazing graphical performance like it's competitors, and has cut back on hardcore games in the hopes of bringing in new gamers. And Xbox has one of the worst con's of all... a console failure rate higher than sh*!! Everybody, even people who don't own the console know of the infamous "Red Ring of Death".

Luckily, there is one redeeming feature for an otherwise doomed-to-fail-at-least-once product. The warranty is ungodly long for consoles affected by the "Red Ring of Death" (General Hardware Failure). And while they don't have the best customer service, (they outsource, and chances are you won't understand who you are talking to) you will get a new console, and pretty fast too.

So weighing it's pro's and con's, it is still a great system. I'd recommend it for anyone!


Amount of games: 9/10
Online experience: 10/10
Price: 8/10
Hardware quality: 3/10