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After having this console for over 2 years and buying over 25 games I have found this to be the best purchase I've ever made. I have several friends who own PS3's and after much discussion I still believe the 360 to the the top dog for many reasons. Primarily display, after much research and side-by-side comparison the 360 wins in nearly 90% of games screen for screen frame rate and lighting.

Secondarily and very importantly is the contract Microsoft has with Netflix. Being able to stream in HD with even the most recent shows and movies is incredibly convenient. Moving on to to the gaming aspect a bit more. The control itself is far far better than any Sony control ergonomically when playing for long periods of time and simply is much more comfortable.

And lastly is and not least importantly is the online interaction with friends via parties and one-to-one, being able talk long distances through your headset while on different games within big groups is awesome and for someone stationed in a remote location I can say that nothing else matches it!

Many will argue that the PS3 is better graphics wise but that simply isn't true yet and developers have proven that as they jump ship for the 360 and, as far as Blu-ray is concerned (it only has a 9% market share) which proves it isn't catching on anytime soon. For your dollar the Xbox 360 is the best gaming system out there. Join the party!