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Despite all the fancy voice features built into the Xbox One, there are many who'd prefer sticking with a good old fashioned remote to control their TV and movie watching, especially when voice control is still so hit and miss. And the Xbox One Media Remote will satisfy their needs just fine -- as long as they don't need a true universal remote.

The Media Remote is small and lightweight, so it won't take up too much space on the coffee table. Kotaku says the remote has a "rubberized material that feels awfully nice" in the hand, and PC Mag called it "the most elegant membrane remote" they've ever used. The one downside to its design is the convex back, which WP Central says causes "a little wobble" when resting on a flat surface, though that's a small compromise to make if it means no more arguing with your TV.

Perhaps the biggest downside of the remote is that as it's not a true universal remote, it can't power on your TV the same way voice commands can. Still, at less than $30 it provides a solid alternative for people who use their Xbox One to consume media but would rather not spend their evenings yelling at the Kinect just to change the channel.

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PC Mag Mar 24, 2014

The Xbox One Media Remote lets you use your Xbox One like the all-in-one media hub it was intended to be, clicker and all.

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Kotaku Mar 24, 2014

The media remote has made it much easier for me to rely on the Xbox One as the primary media device in my living room, particularly because of how it works in tandem with the Kinect's sometimes-useful voice controls.

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Game Informer Mar 14, 2014

From my brief time with the Xbox One Media Remote today, I’d recommend it to anyone that wants a dedicated device for media control.

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Kotaku Mar 25, 2014

A small, simple peripheral that does a remarkable job of helping shore up some gaps in the Xbox One’s user interface. The media remote has made it much easier for me to rely on the Xbox One as the primary media device in my living room.

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stalky14 stalky14

I got this specifically for HTPC use. I don't own an XBox. I just wanted to post this to affirm to anyone looking that it can be used for such a thing. You need a Windows-MCE IR receiver and EventGhost software (free) as well as the newest MCE plugin for EventGhost (also free). You can then use...

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