by jugosgratis

Which XBOX One controller should I buy for PC?
Hi, I'm a PC gamer but I do play a lot of games with controllers, like FIFA or anything that doesn't really require me to point a gun. Up until now I had an xbox 360 wired controller, which was awesome because it worked with any game and was great controller overall (except for the crappy D-pad). It was literally plug and play. Now the LB timely broke, so I'd like to buy an xbox one controller. The thing is that I couldn't find any wired controllers, which is not terribly bad, but really... Read more →

by kris

The new Xbox is coming!
Today is the day that Microsoft unveils the new Xbox—it's been eight years since the Xbox 360 was unveiled to the public, a year before Nintendo and Sony unleashed their own seventh generation consoles. This time around Microsoft is actually last to the party, with Nintendo already having released the Wii U and Sony having done their own unveiling (well, not really) of the PlayStation 4. Last time the year-long head start may have really helped the Xbox gain dominance over its rivals, so what... Read more →