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  • Sound quality Rich, exciting, warm and bassy without overpowering the treble. Beautifully balanced great!
  • Design and form factor Love the look of my white ones especially. The red accents are very distinctive. the rotating earpieces are a great touch and the coiled chord section is handy great!
  • Comfort Feel really nice. Certainly clamp your head solidly but after a few days this becomes more of a choice that I appreciate as they don't move around. good
  • Noise isolation These guys let a bit of sound in. Personally It doesn't affect me in my usual usage situations but I know that it's important to a lot of people so-so
  • Durability I've had them for a month now with use for a few hours almost every day. They certainly seem solid. The aluminum construction feels rock solid. great!
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I've had my Beats Pro's for a month now. I was very wary of getting them as I am a little skeptical of the whole branding vs sound quality issues that raise eyebrows with Beats. After reading a bunch of reviews and having a chance to get ears-on I was very impressed and ended up treating myself. I'm glad to say that I don't regret I even a little. They've been a joy to listen to music on. Handling everything that I have thrown at them with sonic enthusiasm that just doesn't seem to get old. They're certainly most at home in bassy electronic music but it doesn't mean that they don't pull punches with other sources. One thing I have found is that they have influenced what I listen to, turning me into a bit of a cheap thrills junkie.

There is definitely an issue of price vs what you get but even though they were expensive, I've not regretted it since I got my hands on them. So take that as you will.
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