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  • Sound quality The quality is very great! I can pick up very minute sounds I would never hear with other headphones. Preserves original quality very well. great!
  • Design and form factor The design is iconic. Everyone knows the Beats by Dre look. They are very stylish. great!
  • Comfort My co-workers and friends love the comfort of these when they try them. For me, they are a bit rough on the tips of my ears over time for some reason though. good
  • Noise isolation For having no active noise cancellation they really do a good job at canceling outside noise. good
  • Durability These headphones really do stand up to the wear of everyday use. Sure they don't come with a hard case, I've never had a problem with damage in the soft case. great!
Detailed review
As a DJ for a radio station, I get a lot of use out of these headphones. The other DJs I work with really envy me after trying them on. The sound quality is excellent both on 1/4 and 1/8 inputs. You can connect another pair of headphones to them via daisy chaining. That feature is especially useful for sharing music with friends and letting them sample my Beats Pro while still listening to the music via their earbuds. I've had these over 2 years now and they with weekly use they still look new. I would really recommend these to anyone interested in great headphones. The price is extremely high last I looked though, so that may be an intimidating factor. I got these new $200 off, so that's why I bought them. But most of you won't get that opportunity, so the price may be the deciding factor.

For audiophiles like me, they are a perfect match.