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CNET AU Oct 31, 2012

The Beats by Dr Dre Solo HD headphones offer plenty of bass, convenient control and great styling, but are offset by too tight a grip on the head and a strange lack of higher tones.

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iLounge Dec 15, 2010

Solo HD offers a better remote and mic, but also considerably less impressive audio performance at a lower price; it merits a limited recommendation to those who want the Studio aesthetic experience and are willing to give up treble and midrange performance to get it.

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TrustedReviews Feb 14, 2012

Realising quite how poor the original Solo headphones sounded for their money, Monster has improved sound in the Beats HD. However, it hasn't done nearly enough. An attractive design offering good comfort can't hide that their muddy sound cannot be justified at the price.

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teknique teknique

So far so good. Bought these on a business trip to Toronto when my Sony Studio cans broke. Been enjoying them ever since.

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Crave4iT Crave4iT

They are very pricy but you certainly feel the difference in quality. I will never regret spending my money on them. They look great, have immersive sound and the tangle free cord actually works. If you treat your headphones like your gaming mouse, then I will not suggest these for you. To much...

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LazBro123 LazBro123

I sort of liked these headphones when they were working. They were comfortable, but the sound quality was not that good. Too much bass and it overpowers the mids and the highs. Around 4 months later, no sound came out of the headphones. I paid $200 for headphones and they break? Also, these...

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MrShortFry MrShortFry

Not an awful lot to say besides the above points. I love the iconic styling of these headsets and I especially like the white with red accents. Voice quality from the built-in mic with my SIII is very clear, though the multimedia buttons do not seem to be fully compatible with my handset. After a...

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cherypie160 cherypie160

i'm not an audiophile, but as an amateur, these headphones are great. i was initially skeptical about these being another fad headphone by some rapper mogul trying to make more money, but after watching the documentary on why dr. dre created these headphones, i decided to give them a shot. i...

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