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PC Mag Aug 24, 2012

Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless is a more-than-solid Bluetooth headphone pair for bass lovers, but its price, like its low frequency response, is a bit inflated.

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Wired Jan 5, 2012

...these Beats would be my second or third choice among Bluetooth models in the $150 to $200 price range. But they cost $280 because that’s what the market will bear. That’s way too much, and I recommend you look elsewhere.

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ChipChick Aug 24, 2012

Are you ready to cut the cord? Well if you are, then set yourself free with Beats Wireless. They sound great – especially for headphones operating over Bluetooth, they last long on their rechargeable battery, are very comfortable to wear, and they will let you roam aimlessly without being...

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T3 Feb 13, 2012

As with all 'phones ... you pay for what you get, and Beats Wireless ooze quality, crucially in the key areas of audio performance and style.

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iLounge Nov 28, 2011

...Beats Wireless isn’t a bad option, but between the price and its underwhelming volume and ControlTalk features, it’s not as good as it easily could have been. Our advice would be to wait for an improved sequel.

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human01 human01

I get that a lot of people poo-poo the Beats brand but as a non-audiophile I don't get why (at least not for this headset). The price was comparable to other on-ear options, many of which were lesser known (to me) and didn't have enough reviews to make me comfortable. I should emphasize, I'm...

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johanan johanan

The Beats Wireless sound better than any other bluetooth headset I've tried. Bass is rich and fairly detailed and the highs are as clear as I've heard them through a bluetooth connected device. But, being a set of bluetooth cans, this is definitely not made for an audiophile when s/he is in a...

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