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80 March 2nd 2012 5:31 pm

Incredibly thin and light, this Android phone is a fitting successor to the RAZR legacy. But slightly larger models with better performance, longer battery life and sharper displays blunt this RAZR's edge.

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  • Design and form factor
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Engadget Nov 7, 2011

This sleek number is ready to run with the big boys. It kept pace with, and in some cases clearly outclassed its high-end competition. Despite its deficiencies in the display department and underwhelming battery life, the RAZR looks to be a perfectly viable alternative.

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AnandTech Dec 16, 2011

I’d recommend the RAZR for Verizon shoppers purely because it’s the best hardware out right now. ... The Kevlar does lend the phone a unique feel, the hardware is impressively thin, and the display is no worse at color rendering than any other AMOLED panel. It just needs Android 4.0.

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Ars Technica Nov 30, 2011

The Droid Razr has no aesthetic merits other than its thinness, but performance is admirable. The phone feels snappy and very responsive, typing is great, and the phone's camera is acceptable.

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Pocket-Lint Mar 1, 2012

When the phone was first announced, we fell in love. When we first held it, we fell out of love again. And now we've used it, we can't help feel a really strong affection for it. Is this the best phone of the year? No. ... Is it worth considering? Yes, absolutely.

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SlashGear Nov 7, 2011

Although thanks to the “hump” Motorola’s thinness claims aren’t entirely true, the DROID RAZR is certainly slim and easy to pocket. Unfortunately, like the original RAZR, there are also compromises made to achieve a slimline package.

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Android Central Nov 7, 2011

Chalk up another one in the "Best phone on Verizon" category. We keep saying that a lot for Big Red, but it's no less true. The Droid RAZR's got a great screen, the dual-core processor keeps things plenty speedy, and Motorola's customizations keep getting better with each iteration. But we're very...

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HotHardware Dec 21, 2011

With plenty of power, a gorgeous thin and lightweight design, and plenty of useful features, the Droid RAZR lives up to the RAZR name and the expectations users have with Motorola's legacy of cellphones and smartphones.

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josephsrossi josephsrossi

I really enjoy using this phone ... I just wish the battery was upgradable, but then again that would room the near-perfect form-factor.

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The Motorola Droid RAZR is the new Verizon flagship. It is THIN, at only 7.1mm thick. It's Kevlar back and Gorilla Glass gives it plenty of protection, meaning you don't necessarily need a case if you don't want one. It's 8MP camera takes very good pictures and HD video. You'd think this phone,...

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