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  • Reception and call quality Calls are perfect, and I can stand next to my diesel tractor while talking and the noise doesn't get through the noise canceling mics great!
  • Display It's amazing... infinate contrast and beautiful color rendition. good
  • Battery life I'm a heavy user, the battery is terrific until I start streaming Netflix or an hour goes by unnoticed while I'm doing heavy browsing... good
  • Camera No comments
  • Ease of use No comments great!
  • Design and form factor No comments great!
  • Portability (size / weight) the 4.3 inch screen seems big till you carry it in a good holster for a while... great!
  • Media support Everything seems to run perfectly. great!
  • Durability I keep dropping it, picking it up and discovering it just doesn't break. My last Win6 Mobile phone got dropped once... end of device great!
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Everything integrates into the menus/screens and work s if they were part of the OS great!
Detailed review
I made the mistake of leaving my phone at home. That led me to the Verizon store and browsing the new offerings. Dual cameras, dual core processor, and an amazing screen caught both my techie and esthetic appreciation.

The display got my attention first, bright, clear, readable... and the colors and contrast are nothing short of amazing. The processor and other features reaffirmed the first impression.

Battery life is acceptable... but I'm seriously a power user so chargers are prepositioned at home, in the car, and in the gear bag s for the Motorola Lap Dock, and my Laptop.

Calls just work, I live in Western Montana where cellular towers are widely spaced and the canyons run deep into the mountains on both sides of the valley. Skype is clear and sound great... better than most of the Webcam setups I've used in the past

The Razr thin form factor in a fitted case/stand with a belt holster is very convenient, fits even better in the hand than the Droid X it replaced. It's size gives me a screen large enough to make using it as a reader or watching Netflix a comfortable experience.

So far movies, flash animation, and the various video sites have worked well... Converting the few odd formats it didn't dover has been easly accomplished.

I've dropped it TOO MANY times holding my breath as I picked it back up to check the damage... Apparently Gorilla Glass is as tough as they claim... and a moderate priced wrap around cover/holster/stand protects it when I'm out and about... The built in stand holds it at about 60 degrees in both vertical and horizontal modes.

My Droid phones (three in the family currently) get Astro File, Where's My Droid, Advanced Task Killer, Skype, Nook, Kindle, FBReaderJ, YouVersion Bible, Pulse, Pandora, TED Air, Olive Office, and my bank's special apps before they're even used.

All of the above works flawlessly,

Within the family all the phones have similar setups on the main screen making them easy to operate for any of us that picks up a phone...

Bottom line.... it could use a little larger battery for MY usage patterns... a Droid Maxx might have been a better buy had they been avilable when I got my Razr...

That's the only criticism... everything else works, reliabiliy... LIving in part of the world where GOOD cellular service is NOT a trivial thing, this phone has been GREAT with zero dropped calls, no dead spots within walking distance from vehicle access to the forests and full 3G speeds everywhere. (LTE isn't going to hit my area for another year or more... I'll update then<G>)