March 18th 2014 12:44 pm


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by ScottMcJ

Smartwatch: what should it do beyond a Pebble?
I have been wrestling with what more I want from a smartwatch beyond what the Pebble provides. I have the apps, etc to give me the perfect notification experience for emails, texts, etc. It tells me when someone calls so I can grab the phone. Tasker lets me silence the phone, (unreliably) turn on tethering, and it tells the time.
If I am putting extra bulk on my wrist and trading away 5-day battery life... what am I trading it for?
* A pretty screen, obviously.
* Will we use bi-directional... Read more →

by HasanH007

Concurrent Bluetooth capabilty
Hi guys.
I had a question about the bluetooth feature. So the watch connects to the phone via bluetooth - that I get and I assume I leave my bluetooth on and connected all the time (4.0 shouldn't drain the battery) but what happens when I get in my car and want to use the car speakers for audio? Would I have to turn the watch 'off' when I get in my car so it can pick up the car bluetooth or I could I have it run concurrently, with audio for calls and music to run through the car, and push... Read more →

by abdullahalbyati

Moto 360 Pricing
It’s really frustrating when a public sees a device but doesn’t get any information on the specs of that device. Same goes for the recently unveiled Moto 360 as the company refused to comment on anything regarding the specs of the device or the screen that is used on it, while both Samsung and LG has disclosed everything about their smart watch but people are still interested in the Moto 360 and want to know what’s under the hood.
In terms of internal specs the Moto 360 should have the same... Read more →

by frankspin

Are we too connected to the internet?
This is going to sound a bit luddite, please hear me out, but I think we may need to re-evaluate our "need" to be on top of everything going on around us. I started to get this feeling after watching the Android Wear demos and exploring all the different watches currently available. If you go back and re-watch the onstage demo, and look at any press shots or hands on, every image shows it receiving a... Read more →

by dave

Legitimate use cases for a smartwatch?
So, Google is spending a lot of time talking about their new Android Wear SDK that will allow developers to start creating apps for smartwatches. Between Android Wear, the venerable Pebble, and Apple's rumored entry into smartwatch, it seems like wearables are all the rage.
In the office, we've had some back and forth about whether or not smartwatches are actually useful or relevant. Personally, I'm excited for smartwatches with all sorts of sensors (for fitness... Read more →

by dave

Google I/O is tomorrow

Any predictions? Besides desserts that start with an "L" (hey, that means a new OS update!), I think it's going to be smartwatches all the way down.

I do find myself strangely intrigued by Motorola's Moto 360 concept.

Brad also broke down what we can expect here:

by frankspin

What's the deal with smartwatches?
There was no shortage of smartwatch announcements today, with Google announcing Android Wear [1], featuring partnerships [2] with HTC, Qualcomm, Motorola [3] and LG [4]; the latter two showing off their first smartwatches under that partnership.
Even after watching Google's concept videos for Android Wear I am still having a hard time understanding what benefit smartwatches bring to the consumer. I... Read more →