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using a smartphone with no service provider
I am trying to see if I can use a smartphone without buying service for it in the US. Like no service providers and just working using wi-fi. I am planning on getting a used Android or iphone and doing this. I use google voice anyway for my daily texting/calling (currently using an aged BB n laptop). My question is can I do this using a smartphone? and just buy Ting service when I am travelling/as needed. What do I look for in the phone? does it definitely have to be unlocked? Can I still... Read more →

by DanCooper

How would you change the original Moto X?
Today’s trawl into the annals of gadget history takes us to the first Moto X, a device that, at the time, we believed would be a turning point for Google and Android. After all, it was the first device Motorola had released since Google swallowed the firm, and came with some notable features. Between Moto Maker, the Active Display and those “always on” features, it felt as if other smartphone makers... Read more →

by gadgetfreakonly

Confusion in buying the phone Moto G (2nd Gen) . Moto x (1st Gen)
I am looking to buy a new phone for me, I am confused as to which phone would be a good pick which is good in performance wise, has good battery backup and decent camera quality.
I already have a S3 phone and I am looking to have another phone for me and I am confused among the two phones which I should buy, I will be keeping the S3 with me only along the one which I will buy.
These are the phones which I am really confused with
Moto G (2nd Gen) Black, with 16 GB
Moto X (16 GB) Black
It would be... Read more →

by mdriverar

Nexus 5, Moto X or Nexus 6?
I currently have a Nexus 4 and I've been pretty happy with it but it's getting a little old to run the newer apps as fast as I want.
I considered getting the Nexus 5 since it's pretty good and cheap, but I feel that it's going to become obsolete within one year. The Moto X on the other hand is a current-gen phone that will last me a couple years at least, but it's very expensive.
The last option would be to wait for the Nexus 6, but if the rumors are true this would be a phablet and not a phone,...

by boogiethetruth

Nexus 6/X vs Moto X
I preordered the Moto X a few days ago and I'm a little ticked I didn't wait for the Nexus 6. The early specs on the Nexus 6 has it up there in terms of the smartphone world and I am a fan of the phablet, I have a Note 3 now. I wasn't going with the Note 4 because of the bloatware it comes with and I wanted a clean build so I went with the Moto X Pure Edition. I am kicking myself for not waiting for the Nexus though because it comes with 0 bloatware AND the phablet size I love. Should I cancel...

by frankspin

How often do you upgrade your phone?
We're getting a lot of exciting phone announcements over the last week.
IFA gave us the following:
  • Galaxy Note Edge
  • Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  • LG G3 Stylus
  • Sony Xperia Z3
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
That same week Motorola also showcased the following:
  • Moto X
  • Moto G
And tomorrow is Apple's big day where we'll likely be seeing a new iPhone (or two).
The thing is, even with all this exciting new stuff I don't have any urge to upgrade. I bought my iPhone 5S on release day and a... Read more →

by frankspin

Have you replaced your remotes with a mobile device?
Ever since I picked up a Harmony One I have been singing its praises. To me it's the perfect device for the living room with its sleek profile and convenient to reach buttons. This is why it pains me every time I go to use it and notice buttons not responding as well as they once did: it's on its last legs. Naturally, these aren't made anymore and the options from Logitech aren't great. The Hub is a... Read more →

by frankspin

How do you handle tracking your daily routines and journaling?
Something that I have been trying to get into more is logging daily activities, work related duties, photos and just general journaling. This has become far easier thanks to smartphones and there is no shortage of tools to make this possible. I have a few different ones that I use to accomplish specific tasks, but I'm always open to hear how other people go about handling their daily journaling.
  • Daily Journal - I can't speak highly enough of DayOne and everything it...
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by frankspin

What is going on over at Google!?
Google is certainly busy in the mobile space with news coming out about an agreement with Samsung, and the potential sale of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo.
First, there is Samsung (http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/29/google-and-sam... who has made an agreement with Google to tone down the total amount of customization on Samsung phones. I don't doubt anyone will disagree this is a good thing because Touchwiz has been two steps forward in features but always one step back in appearance.
Right after... Read more →

by peterto

Context sensitive vibrations in Android?
I recently switched back to Android from an iPhone and one thing that I found really useful when using the iPhone was that my phone would vibrate differently if I had an email vs an SMS/phone call. It would allow me to just know whether or not I should check my phone for an SMS/phone call or ignore my phone if it was an email and check it on my computer. Is there anyway I can do this with Android or the Moto X specifically?

by sen619

Audio quality Tests & Comparisons - II !
I saw an article here @endgadet about the audio quality of different cellphones...it was a great article and I being an audio enthusiast really appreciated that...that test was taken about a year ago...and now, there are many new devices that claim and are worth checking if you're an audiophile so as the audio quality is your only concern nothing else....like for eg. HTC One & One Max, Sony Xperia Z & Z1, Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520 & Lumia 925, Apple iPhone 5S & iphone 5C, Samsung... Read more →

by LeninTejada

Moto X or Nexus 5
So I can't decide between these two great phones. I currently have an iPhone and I'm making the switch to android. I like specs but I also want great features. On one hand I like the Nexus 5 because its pure android and its guaranteed to get the latest version of android whenever its avialable. But on the other the Moto X caught my attention with Active display and voiceless controls. Can you guys give me your opinion on which one I should consider?

by frankspin

Does a product's repair score really matter to you?
iFixit has become quite popular, and their teardowns of newly announced products always grab the attention of the tech world. Their most recent teardown of the newest Retina model Macbook Pro unsurprisingly scored a 1, and of course it's causing a bit of a stir. While they are often interesting since they provide a real good look at the product, do these teardowns serve any form of relevance anymore? Especially for products like the... Read more →

by Jensanity5000

Republic Wireless - Anyone Interested?
Republic wireless intrigues me, especially with the launch of the MOTO X coming.

Before I wouldn't do it because the phones offered would be too much of step backwards. I also like the new plans. Heck I was thinking of just getting it as an office line for how cheap it is.

Interested to know if any of you out there use republic wireless? How do you like it? Does it work well?

How many would be willing to make the switch from your major carrier?


by moriel

The BIG Switch
So I've been an iPhone user since the original. I've had only one affair with Android with the Nexus 4. I liked it lot but the battery life always came up short to the iPhone. It was soon after I would switch back and get the iPhone 5. Now I'm once again seriously thinking of switching to Moto X. I've been reading tons of reviews, watching all the videos and reading a lot of forums. It seems my biggest problem has been solved with the battery and there are a couple of features that I absolutely... Read more →

by ShawnPConroy

Should I avoid Motorola phones?
I know the phone hasn't been announced just yet. But listening to Leo Laport who did see it makes me think it might be something special. Now, I have certain features that I will not buy it if it does not have. But my first smart phone was the Droid (Milestone here in Canada) and it was terrible. Random reboots. Slow to get upgrades.
I think it may have been the best Android on the market at the time. But it was not a reliable phone. I blame the hardware. (And slow updates on the software team.)
I... Read more →