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by Pbi

The motorola defy+, a good buy?
I've read several reviews about the device. Overall they are convincing me to buy the defy+. But the camera seems bad or mediocre in all reviews and some reviews mention bad build quality, that makes me unsure I'd like some information from owners about that. Is the camera usable? Only with great light and no movement? Or isn't is that bad? Is the build quality bad, OK or good? Pretty important for a phone that's supposed to be "life proof".

by dotbeepdoot

Best dual-phone a2dp single ear bluetooth on the market today??
I currently have and regularly use the Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus ( and while it is still functional I feel as if the technology has possibly gotten better over the last 2 years and I am currently interested in upgrading to another headset.
The main reason I am even considering this is because of the occasional drop out of audio when listening to music sometimes when turning my head the opposite direction of where my phone is, putting my phone in... Read more →

by dotbeepdoot

Closed platform? Open platform?
I'm interested to see what the overall feeling is in 2012 in regards to this. I have been a simultaneous Android and Blackberry/WP7 user over the years and I always prided myself in my Android loyalty and scoffed at those who claimed the open-ness of Google's OS hampered the overall user experience. Last month I received my first iPhone and I think I'm starting to pull a 180. I believe at this point, especially after experiencing iOS firsthand, Google should really consider pulling in the reigns... Read more →

by N3SSQwiK

Can One Disable Verizon's Droid Bionic OTA?
I rooted my phone and I attempted to install the OTA ( I performed the necessary steps to keep my phone rooted), but the update didn't install correctly. However, I'm constantly reminded to install or download the update and it's getting annoying. Does anyone know if you can disable this notification using SQL Lite Editor or by any other means?

P.S. I'd rather not deal with unrooting and rerooting my phone and am trying to avoid it by any means possible.

by nitehawk

Best bluetooth headphones?
I want something that can be used for calls, daily listening at work and is versatile enough for running. I don't care so much about being able to run in the rain, but if sweat could be an issue that would be annoying. I am almost 6 feet tall and have a normal size head, hopefully that isn't a deciding factor though.

I just want something that I can pair my laptop, iPhone and possibly PS3 with and not look like I have a monstrosity on my head.

by HellsAttack

Is it worth waiting for a Google-Motorola device before upgrading?
I've been using a Motorola Droid for the past 2 years. It's starting to act wonky, and I have an upgrade. I've been wanting the Samsung Galaxy S II/ Samsung Function all month but there's no US release (press release is expected August 29th). I loved the RAZR and enjoyed the Droid most of the time I've owned it. Should I get the Samsung or wait even longer for a Google-Moto device?

by dave

When Motorola formed Motorola Mobility in January 2011, how did they divvy up the patents?
One number that keeps floating around after Google announced their acquisition of Motorola Mobility is 17,000. That's the number of patents that Motorola Mobility has in their portfolio. When the mobile devices division was split off from Motorola earlier this year, how did they divide the patents between the two companies? I would assume that anything that was granted to employees working in the mobile devices division was automatically assigned to Motorola Mobility? I'm not sure how that sort... Read more →

by skyman375

What does the Google purchase of Motorola mean for HP webOS?
If the other Android licensees no longer perceive that they will be treated fairly and openly by Google, will they explore other OS options? Everyone seems to think, yes, and they say Windows Phone 7 next, but what about webOS? I'd have to think HP's licensing terms might be better, with the imperative of growing the user base. Don't Samsung, LG, and most likely HTC, have to think about it - if for no other reason than to improve their bargaining position with Microsoft?