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The Xoom's spec sheet is enough to make any tablet tremble, but the price is high, the design is bulky, and Google still has some work to do before its tablet software experience is as fleshed out and intuitive as Apple's. quote

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Engadget Feb 23, 2011

The end user experience isn't nearly where it needs to be, and until Google paints its tablet strategy and software picture more clearly, we'd suggest a wait-and-see approach. Honeycomb and the Xoom are spectacular -- unfortunately they're a spectacular work in progress.

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AllThingsD Feb 23, 2011

The Xoom and Honeycomb are a promising pair that should give the iPad its stiffest competition. But price will be an obstacle, and Apple isn’t standing still.

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CNET Feb 23, 2011

The Xoom's spec sheet is enough to make any tablet tremble, but the price is high, the design is bulky, and Google still has some work to do before its tablet software experience is as fleshed out and intuitive as Apple's.

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Gizmodo Mar 3, 2011

Frankly, there's no way the Xoom could live up to everything it needs to be. It's not even done yet, really. It has problems. But it's still very good. It's the first non-iPad tablet worth buying. And it'll get better.

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SlashGear Feb 23, 2011

We’re impressed by the XOOM, and by Honeycomb. Neither feels like a compromise ... the gap between Android and iOS has narrowed drastically. The XOOM may only be the first Honeycomb slate, but it’s a strong start to what’s going to be a fiercely competitive race.

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TechRadar Mar 3, 2011

We've been craving this kind of fast and powerful, ready-for-the-tablet age device. Hoping the apps appear quickly, the Xoom is fast enough to keep pace and gets our nod over other Android tablets.

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IntoMobile Feb 23, 2011

If you don’t care about ease of use and you want a tablet with cutting edge power, a flexible OS, and integrated features that rival iOS, the XOOM is hands-down the best tablet on market today.

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ArmpitOfDeath ArmpitOfDeath

The Xoom is a perfectly adequate effort, firmware excepted, of this class of device. The construction quality is high, the cameras are adequate, the machine has a decent runtime, the accessories are decent / work pretty well and I have no real complaints. The screen is not the best that I've seen...

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frankspin frankspin

I've been testing this out for the past few days for potential use at where I work and I just don't think it's ready to compete with the iPad. First and foremost it's really heavy making it really awkward to hold with one hand in portrait mode. The second big issues is the lack of tablet...

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ChazClout ChazClout

I've had the Wifi Xoom for a few weeks now. I bought it as an upgrade to the GalaxyTab and thanks to honeycomb, it feels like a real tablet, not a simply a large phone. The Xoom for me has everything I need. Decent specifications, plenty of features and I'm very fond of Honeycomb as an OS....

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skeezy skeezy

I love my xoom and owns the ipad 2 , ipad 2 doesn't have msd card, it isn't 4g capable, it doesn't have flash for fully PC browsing experience, it doesn't have dual flash with 5m camera n front 2m camera, it doesn't have widgets, it doesn't have dual stereo speakers...

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ogman ogman

It's heavy, laggy, and the micro sd card slot doesn't work. The promised fix for micro sd is way past due and Motorola told me that they have "no plans" to fix it. The device is heavier than the iPad 2 and the screen does not look as good. Finally, in the end it's it all about apps and the iPad...

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AHinMaine AHinMaine

I bought my Xoom wifi on opening day and I haven't regretted it once. After over 6 months, I still enjoy using the device immensely. It's been nice watching Android mature so quickly over such a short period of time and the Xoom has not been left behind at all. I can't remember the last...

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sethsl sethsl

While this is a great all around tablet, it is not for the faint of heart. Be ready for app crashes and memory usage monitoring. For me, it is now on par with my iPad short of a few games that are not yet ported to Android.

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