Last year's gaming powerhouse gets Haswell


The MSI GT70 Dragon Edition took almost everything we threw at it, chewed it up and came back for more. It stands as a solid example of a hardware refresh done right, keeping everything that made the original great while still tossing in enough improvements to keep buyers interested. For the most part, its faults include a few things MSI didn't fix from the previous version: a stellar screen that suffers from poor viewing angles and a loud fan. If its trackpad didn't have a gameplay-inhibiting glitch, we'd be hard-pressed to find anything that its predecessor does better than the Dragon. It's a worthy upgrade for gamers who can bear its lofty $2,800 price tag, packing enough oomph to keep its owners playing new titles for at least a few years to come. Bottom line? The GT70 is still one of our favorite gaming laptops on the market today, and it's now much better for its Haswell internals.

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Engadget Apr 23, 2012

At $2,000, the MSI GT70 isn't going to fit in everybody's budget, but it offers few compromises in exchange. Our only caveat is that it's the first Ivy Bridge gaming laptop out of the gate, and ... it may be worth waiting for the slow and steady to catch up.

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Engadget Jun 1, 2013

Despite a few workable flaws, the GT70 Dragon Edition is a stellar gaming machine, improving upon the original GT70 without compromising its best features.

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PC World May 16, 2012

All in all, while the styling might be considered amateurish, and some minor idiosyncrasies exist, MSI has put together an all-around winning package in the GT70. Its 5-hour-plus battery life sets it apart from other high-performance heavyweights...

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PC Mag Apr 30, 2012

Bottom Line Intel's new "Ivy Bridge" CPU and a super-trick SSD RAID storage system make MSI's GT70 0NC-011US laptop a hardcore gamer's bargain at $2,000

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Kotaku May 9, 2012

The MSi GT70 delivers one sturdy piece of computing hardware, packed with power, bristling with ports, and ready to gently nudge your space-hog PC into the desk-side garbage can. What it may lack in gaming power it more than makes up for in cutting-edge technology, construction, and overall design....

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Computer Shopper May 2, 2012

The MSI GT70’s fun lighting features and runaway performance, combined with a reasonable price for the hardware, add up to one of the best-value laptops you can buy for serious gaming.

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Pocket-Lint Jun 3, 2013

The GT70 Dragon 2 is built like a brick house and has specs which punch equally as hard where it counts. A gaming machine not to be trifled with - and much the same can be said for the price which, at $2800 USD, is no snip.

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hachedete hachedete

Not being a hardcore gamer, I went this way because I wanted a desktop replacement laptop for the next few years. Now I can say that I was not wrong to choose MSI instead of a any other mainstream brand. The GT70 delivers all the power and multimedia performance I was expecting from this kind of...

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ShatteredAwe ShatteredAwe

PROS Very good price to parts ratio 770M is a powerhouse, and when teamed up with the Intel Core i7, it easily tackles most games. Customizable Battery Life Performance Warranty (2 years Limited) Speed CONS Fan can get very annoying at times Not very portable...

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