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72 April 28th 2014 2:54 pm

There's an old saying that the best camera is the one you have with you, and that's what the Narrative Clip wants to be -- a camera you always have with you. This compact camera clips onto any piece of clothing while capturing photos every thirty seconds in the hope of chronicling every waking moment, both magical and mundane. And it largely succeeds at doing that, just with a few drawbacks.

For a device so small you're going to have to hedge your expectations with camera quality, especially since you can't adjust the settings. Digital Trends says the picture quality "isn't always great" and Associated Press finds the shots are "sometimes blurred and often poorly framed." This isn't great news, but as The Next Web points out, the Clip "isn't about high-level photography," it's about "capturing a flavor of your day."

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Wired Feb 13, 2014

The best result from my testing: I now have a flipbook of my friend’s baby pugs frolicking, a capture of a moment that’s not only priceless, but would otherwise not have been purposefully recorded.

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CNET Mar 5, 2014

The Narrative Clip camera attempts to be your always-on wearable way to record photographic memories, but it lacks the flexibility, affordability, and camera quality to meet its promise.

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PC Mag Jul 29, 2014

The Narrative Clip is a gadget that clips onto your clothing and automatically takes candid 5-megapixel photos to log your life. But we expect much more, including better image quality, for its steep $229 asking price.

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SlashGear Feb 25, 2014

Pictures I'd not normally have thought to have taken, or have pulled out my phone in time to capture, or of events that I'd completely forgotten about ... That's sufficient to make me curious enough to stick with Narrative's Clip.

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The Next Web Feb 14, 2014

The Narrative Clip is the most polished of the wearable lifelogging cameras we’ve looked at to date. Aside from the couple of minor quibbles with the app mentioned above, and the fact that the device’s tiny size makes me worry that I’ll lose it, the Clip is just as good as I hoped it would be.

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Business Insider Feb 15, 2014

For the practically minded, this could be a perfect device for helping you remember things — names, faces, meals, absolutely whatever else.

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Digital Trends Feb 22, 2014

The Narrative Clip demonstrates how a simple, easy-to-use, fairly low-tech gadget can enhance your life, by helping you remember all the things – good and bad – that happen.

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product preview
Engadget Mar 12, 2013

There likely aren't too many people in the world crying for ways to exponentially increase the number of digital pictures in their collections, but Memoto's hoping to help wearers rethink picture taking as they know it.

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MrTimelapseGuy MrTimelapseGuy

I received my Narrative Clip a few days ago, and firstly I hadn't expected it to be so small, Wow! It had been intended for the photos to be enjoyed by my family and I. But the results are so brilliant that I would like to share some of my experiences on using my new Narrative Clip with...

video review
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