April 4th 2012 6:14 pm

Heads up! A newer version of this product is out!


by dave

Google could potentially bring ads to things like NEST thermostats and more...
I suppose this was inevitable, but Google announced that they could possibly bring ads to things like our thermostats. This is something that a lot of people speculated about and feared during the Nest acquisition. I wonder about the logistics of it though -- e.g., would the ads subsidize the cost of a Nest (similar to what Amazon does with a cheaper Kindle)?
I have to say, right now my gut feeling is that if I saw some sort of ad pop up on the thermostat as I walked... Read more →

by frankspin

Wiring a Nest without a 'C' wire
I got a really good deal on a Nest through my gas company and when I did a compatibility checker it said I was good to go. As I've been doing more research on the Nest I'm learning that the way it draws power is by cycling over the Rc or Rh wire if there is no 'C' wire. I'm noticing a lot of people saying they're having issues with their Nest when they don't have a 'C' wire in place. Is anyone here running a Nest without a C wire and if so how has it been? It seems the time of "failure" is all...

by atourgates

Does the Nest use Time to Temperature data with scheduling?
I know that the Nest tracks time-to-temperature data, and is aware of outside temperatures. What I'm wondering is if it uses that data to save energy and improve comfort.
Say I get home at 6:00 PM when it's approximately 105°F during the summer. Assuming Nest knows that I get home at 6:00 PM - and I want the temperature to be 75°F when I get home, will it come on at 6:00 PM and start cooling my house (which will take an hour or so in the summer heat) - or will it use its time-to-temperature...

by DaveBinM

Use in Australia
Just wondering if anyone knows if the Nest Learning Thermostat would work outside of the US, in somewhere like Australia. Our thermostats here are pretty non-existent, so it would be great to have a decent thermostat.

by skyman375

Will Nest work in a Townhouse?
I live in a four-level townhouse, and our daughter's room is on the top floor. The AC unit is on the bottom floor, and the thermostat is on the second floor (a main level with our kitchen/living room). This usually means that to keep it a bearable 74-76 degrees up there overnight, we're turning the heat down on the main level to 68-69 degrees.

Can the Nest's sensors help with this, or do I just need a new AC system?


by Bart

What is really so great about these?
Other than the 'pretty' and 'I'm cool' factors, what is so special about these? I almost bought one a while back but held off based on a large volume of negative reviews online when searching (from actual owners).
Biggest complaints I have seen so far are:
If it knows you get up at 7am and like to have the temp set at 70 when you get up, it does not change the temp to 70 until exactly 7am. My current thermostat kicks in ahead of the set point to do its best to get the temp there BY the set point.... Read more →

by liquidretro

Is it worth it if you already have a decent programmable Thermostat
Now that these are $250 from Nest I really want one. Problem is . . Can I justify it? I currently have a programmable thermostat that I got with a new heat pump just last year. It is a nice Honeywell RTH8500D unit that is a full 7 Day set. It works fine and I have no complaints. The new energy savings features they rolled out today for the Nest look appealing though. So is the NEST worth the large price premium? Will it ever pay for itself considering I already have a nice programmable unit?...