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by mitchell

What is the best device to stream online television content to a TV?
We have a television, and a high speed internet connection, but because of some conflicts with a cable provider we have decided to forgo cable or satellite television. So now we're looking into what the best way to get television content is. We have a very basic HDTV, nothing special. I'm not really a fan of smart TVs because they lack longevity, so I'd like to stick with a device that can stream television content to our TV. What device would be best for that? We have a Netflix account, so it... Read more →

by barry

Best Netflix streaming movies?
It's getting to be a hassle to find stuff to watch on Netflix so I thought I'd ask for people's list of favorite movies, documentaries, series, whatever. Can be as long or as short as you'd like. Also, if you have any great links to sites that list or make it easier to find good streaming content on Netflix, please share.

by andrewkalies

Date problems in Windows 7?
Hey all, I just got a new laptop yesterday and started it up today to find that the date was set to Friday, September 30th (it's the 29th currently here). I changed it back to the 29th in the time/date settings menu, so that worked, but when I go to Netflix I get a DRM error that tells me that:
"We're sorry, but there is a problem playing protected (DRM) content. The date on your computer is set to 9.29.11, which may be incorrect. Please correct the date on your computer and try again."
The only... Read more →

by kris

Who does the Netflix streaming limit affect?
According to Mashable, some users are now experiencing a strict cap on the number of movies they can have streaming at one time—as they can only stream one movie at a time. (It doesn't affect streaming a movie and a TV show at the same time, apparently.) However, I just tried streaming a movie on my Wii and a movie on my laptop, and they worked just fine. Comments on Mashable seem to indicate that DVD + streaming plans (like the one I... Read more →

by kris

Netflix loses Starz Play - what impact will this have on your Netflix viewing?
Since 2008 Netflix subscribers have had access to "Starz Play," which let them view content that was licensed to (or created by) Starz via Netflix without having a Starz subscription. This included new movies from Sony and Disney, as well as original programming like Camelot and Spartacus. The contract was four years, but renewal talks broke down last week, so Starz Play will be shut down after February 28, 2012. The writing's been on the wall for a while—Sony movies were pulled from Netflix... Read more →

by ArkHunter

Is there any hardware that streams Netflix better than Xbox 360?
If I were to want to let my gold account expire, I couldn't stream Netflix on the TV anymore. The Netflix experience is very good on 360. Are there any other hardware devices, such as the Roku HD or similar, that are comparable or better for streaming (and searching Netflix? I guess I could use WMC (Win 7 version) also. I've heard rather bad things about Netflix built in to hardware (blu-ray players mostly), though that maybe wifi issues and not the hardware necessarily.

by madmatt213

Anyone with an Acer ICONIA tablet download Netflix v1.3 and have it work?
I'm in the market for a Honeycomb tablet, and the full-sized USB port and $300 price tag ($100 off coupon at Staples until July 31) is drawing me to Acer's tablet. I've still been hesitant because I'd love to have Netflix on it, but with the new version of the Netflix app today working on several other tablets, I'd love to get confirmation that it is working on the Acer ICONIA. Thanks in advance!

by Dignan17

What do you think of the new Netflix pricing plans?
Personally, I'm not a fan. I've always loved Netflix and what they've been doing, but this is a big price hike. I'm a little irritated they haven't addressed the fact that this makes Bluray renting rather price-prohibitive. All they're doing here is stopping the free streaming that DVD subscribers have gotten for so long, and these new price plans make it more difficult to justify spending the money they're charging. I think my biggest problem with the changes is that Netflix seems to have an... Read more →

by kris

Netflix prices are going up - is this a deal breaker for you?
Netflix announced today that they're changing up their pricing scheme. First, they're launching (or re-launching) DVD-only plans: $7.99 for one DVD out at a time, $11.99 for two DVDs out at a time. Second, they're splitting up the DVD and streaming plans, and charging more for each. $7.99 for DVDs (one at a time), $7.99 for unlimited streaming, get both for a combined price of $15.98. My current plan is two DVDs at a time + streaming. I currently pay $14.99, but in September it's going up to... Read more →