July 6th 2009 10:39 am

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AThursby AThursby

If you're looking for a home router that'll allow you to push a ton of data without dying on you, then this is the one you want. With two years of run time in my home all I can say is that it's never locked down due to high traffic. Long range as well. I have coverage from the...

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dubbledown dubbledown

I would say this is the best bargain router you can buy now, IF you don't need N speed. I think this thing is like $40 now? The ONLY complain I have about this is I was never able to turn off the lights on top so it was bright at night. I ended up covering them with something to dim it....

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soren121 soren121

I've had this router for years, and after going through a Linksys E4200, Netgear WNDR4000, and a Belkin N750DB (which just died after 6 months), I keep falling back to the WPN824v2. It's a solid G router, which provides high speeds at the edges of its range and manages to avoid lag in Battlefield...

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