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by gomer43

Has anyone used Nike+ Running iOS app on a treadmill?
I live in New England and Winter is coming. (Thanks Ned Stark.) I plan to start running at a gym, and I like the Nike+ Running app on iOS. Nike says to hold your iPhone in your hand as you run to use the accelerometer, but I would prefer to use the device on an armband. Since my arm moves while I run, does anyone know if this would be accurate enough? Has anyone tried this?

by LovePINK

I need to know do you need an actual sensor for the Nike+ for you shoe, if you have an IPhone 4?
The man today at the Nike Factory store told me I didnt need the actual sensor for my shoe if I have the app on my iphone 4. So I didnt get it, and came home and tried to get it to work (with no sensor) and typically enough, it didnt work. So How is this phone supposed to recognize a shoe with no chip?!?! And if it is a case of the device is the only thing tracking everything, than why cant i run in KSwiss or Adidas? Please help before I spend money that I may not have needed to.

by mattgibstein

If you have the Nike+ GPS app for iPhone, do you need a Nike Plus sensor?
So, I just downloaded the Nike+ GPS application from the App Store for my iPhone 4 (pro tip: it's free today since it's Nike+'s 5 year anniversary). I'm not a big runner, but I've been thinking that between a new bluetooth headset and a cool tracking app, I'll be more enticed to get my cardio on. Now, from my understanding (reconfirmed by the tour of the app), the iOS application utilizes Location Services (aka the GPS chip) as well as movement to track speed, distance, location, etc. Fine. So... Read more →

by jfarrar

Will this work on the iPad?
I am not planning on running down the street with the iPad in a giant arm band. But What if running on a treadmill, I could use it to track my run and watch videos on the large display. Even if you have to use the receiver like on the nano. I doubt this will work but just curies.