by ryan

Is there any way to use the Nike+ FuelBand without having it on your wrist?
I'm a long-time FitBit user and fan, but I am still super curious about the Nike+ FuelBand. Problem is I don't like wearing things on my wrists. (I'm sure I can't be alone!)

Has anyone figured out a way to use the FuelBand that isn't on their wrist? I assume ankle is out (and totally impractical), but what about just keeping it in your pocket, in your bag, or somewhere else on your person?

by mburstiner

Anyone have this after owning a Fitbit Ultra?
I can tell from the comparison that the Ultra is actually for feature packed, but this thing looks better & I lost my Fitbit because of the clip form factor. I'd be much less likely to lose a bracelet. Anyone have experience with both? Also, the lack of Android app for Fuel is holding me back right now.